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Community vote result: TouchPro = Free Premium Drupal Theme



It was very exciting for me to watch you all vote on the poll for the first free premium theme by The race was between HelloFolio and Touchpro and these 2 themes overtook eachother many times in the voting, until finally I had to close the poll on march 30th when TouchPro won with a difference of just one vote!

This means that TouchPro will be released on as a contrib theme, and the other 2 themes will go on sale on Follow development of TouchPro here:


I think the TouchPro theme has the biggest added value for the community, seen the Pad hype of this coming year. Thanks a lot for sharing it. I will give it certainly a try. Great!

Thanks! I look forward to developing this theme, and of course I can always use testers.

Great news.

I can't find any info abot versions: is this drupal 7 or drupal 6 theme (or better both d6 and d7)?

better: both d6 and d7 :)
And since I am always pressured by my customers to update to the latest version of Drupal it will probably one of the first contrib themes to be compatible with d8, as I will most likely port it together with my premium themes.

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