SooperThemes Documentation

Glazed Theme

Changelog for version updates of Glazed theme. Also includes important changes in the StarterKit Packages
Learn how to create mobile-friendly (mega) menus
Advanced users can extend the theme's capabilities with a subtheme

Glazed Builder

Glazed Snippets are just HTML snippets with some special attributes that translate to Carbide Builder behaviors

Glazed GridStack

In this tutorial we create a GridStack view to Display featured Products in Commerce Kickstart

Getting Started

Some important notes about updating Drupal core if you're using our installation profiles
Our Designs are all unique and completely customizable. Choose and Customize!
The process is the same as just installing Drupal itself. Download code, create database, and run the installer.
The easy way to build awesome Glazed websites
Using our installation service to install on your own webhosting
Installing Glazed Theme on your website and installing the Glazed helper module.


Roadmap to power 50% of all content on the web

For Developers

An overview of our stack: Drupal 7, Bootstrap 3, Glazed, Carbide Builder and Subtheme Feature Modules
Using a subtheme or custom module you can extend Carbide Builder with custom classes

Drupal Multilingual (i18n)

Drupal Multilingual (i18n) Basic Configuration