You Hate Busy Work And Grunt Work So We Made Drupal Site Building Less Work

Glazed Builder Is Our Drag and Drop Builder For Drupal

A Drupal powertool to build professional websites

Inline Editing. 100+ Beautiful Elements. Powerful Drupal & Views Integration.

What is Glazed Builder? Why do I need it?

The Ultimate Visual Front-End Page Builder for Drupal.

Imagine the website of your dreams, instantly bring it to life using drag and drop elements. With inline editing and 100+ beautifully deisgned elements your website is ready for launch in no time at all – without writing a single line of code!

Inline Editing

Instantly edit and style any text element. Our Text elements are not just inline editable, they are also cloneable, styleable and draggable.

Immediately see what your visitors will get to see. Bootstrap styles are built into the inline editor, allowing you to add buttons and special text styling.

Simple and Advanced Settings

When clicking the edit button on a Glazed Builder element you will see the basic settings that are needed to use the element. In the other tabs you will find additional settings for pixel perfect styling.

Animation Engine

Anyone can design beautiful animations with our simple settings. No coding skills needed. Use animations to react on mouse click and hover, or draw attention when elements scroll into view.

New Feature: Layout Templates

Templates: Load, edit, done

Do you ever feel lost, staring a blank page and unsure where to start? Start your page with a fully featured template! Whether you're creating a homepage, category page, about page or a simple subpage: it's just nice to start with a template.  

Drupal Integration: Blocks, Media, Views and more

Glazed Builder is created by Drupal experts, for Drupal users. It's for you if are a site builder, webmaster, themer, designer or developer. If you work with Drupal Glazed Builder can automate and simplify part of your job.

Add and move any Drupal blocks around your page, use our Glazed Container to AJAX load any Drupal block or field, browse your media library to add background- and content images anywhere. The possibilities are endless.

Glazed Builder can be configured as a field formatter, or as an input filter. This means any entity field can have a drag and drop editor for the frontend, or backend or both!

Glazed Builder & Views:  Dynamic Pages Simplified...

Glazed Builder gives you advanced views integration. For many use cases enough to replace Panels, Context and Display Suite. Effortlessly clone and drag and drop your views displays... then change sorting or contextual filters right in the frontend of your website. Using our powerful views integration you can build dynamic, structured websites in the fraction of the time it used to take.