Installing a new theme on an existing website is always hard. Weigh out your options: Is it quicker to copy your existing content in a fresh new Glazed demo installation, or is your existing site large enough that it makes sense to add a new theme and re-organize your blocks and layouts.

  1. Download the latest Bootstrap basetheme for Drupal 7 and put it in your sites/all/themes folder.
  2. Download Glazed theme and the "Glazed Theme Tools" module from the advanced downloas page.
  3. Put Glazed theme in your sites/all/themes folder and the helper module in sites/all/modules.
  4. In your Drupal site go to Admin > Appearance and enable Glazed theme.
  5. set Glazed as default theme and disable your old theme.
  6. Go to Admin > Modules and enable the "Glazed Theme Tools" module. This modules manages some features in the theme settings form, provides Glazed design tools as a field collection to customize individual page theming and provides a full screen search block.
  7. Go to Admin > Structure > Blocks and move blocks into the correct regions.
  8. Go to Admin > Appearance > Glazed/Settings or click the Glazed Settings link in the toolbar to customize your Glazed theme.

* Applying a demo design to your existing Glazed site

* Loading a demo content package into your existing site