Sooperthemes Seeks Full-Stack Drupal & Javascript Developer

A few examples of our hundreds of clients:

Application Deadline: July 1st 2019

Salary €3.000-€4.000 per month.

A typical day at Sooperthemes

In the morning

At a time of your preference between 8 and 10 you sit down at our offices with UtrechtInc in the Utrecht Science Park. While making your first tea or coffee of the day you catch up with an enthusiastic founder of one of the 25 dynamic start-ups here.

You make your own planning and start working working on a critical bug, or on a feature request that we decided is a "must have". Your write object-oriented PHP and modern JS code for our Drupal 8 module. You spot a "deprecated" function and with the impending Drupal 9 upgrade in mind you rewrite it to a modern method.

You sit with Sooperthemes' founder Jur, who has all the answers to questions about the architecture of our products. If you come up with ideas to improve our products, you will naturally share them with the team. 

In the afternoon

During lunch you caught up with our Marketing Manager and Customer Success Manager. You all agree it's absolutely necessary to create documentation for our new "user profiles" Glazed Builder feature before the week is over. We delivered this feature the week before but our clients can't seem to find it. We plan a stand-up meeting for the next morning to discuss this matter.

You diligently work on the tasks you set out to do in your planning this morning. When you feel like taking your eyes off the screen for a while you discuss an idea with Jur: you thought of a new, user friendly way to alert website editors when 2 people simultaneously edit the same page with Glazed Builder.

You: A communicative programmer with entrepeneurial spirit

Are you ready for a new challenge? At Sooperthemes you work exclusively on our own products, especially our drag and drop builder Glazed Builder. As Full Stack developer at Sooperthemes you won't just have to be a technological A-Player but also have an interest in business economics and a develop a strong awareness of our business challenges, opportunities, and the impact we have on our clients.

Our 500+ clients consist of a wide variety of Drupal users including Fortune 500 companies, and powerful organisations like the US Senate and the United Nations. Our work does not just influence our hundreds of clients but also the daily work of all content and marketing staff who work on our clients' web presence, and the millions of people who depend on our clients' websites.

A handful of international websites that are built with both our page builder and our framework theme:

Us: A dynamic start-up with heart voor open source and a product that gives Drupal that edge again

Sooperthemes products are built by developers who have a lot of heart for Drupal. Top developers with a long list of Drupal contrib contributions and core patches helped Sooperthemes to ensure Drupal is still a viable option for clients who require increasingly sophisticated front-end authoring experiences, to ensure optimal productivity and user experience for their content and marketing staff. 

We equip our customers with a framework Drupal theme but most important is our drag and drop builder. This is a standalone module that connects a front-end application consisting of 10.000 lines of Javascript to the API's of Drupal 8 and Drupal 7.

This complex product requires that you have a deep knowledge of Drupal's API's as well as a strong ability to code Javascript. Our product is mainly made up of jQuery code but little by little we refactor components to ES6-ES8 code. Refactoring is not a priority, because priority #1 is the user experience of our clients.

However, we do have some big projects ahead, including the support of Bootstrap 4 in both Glazed Builder and Glazed Theme. Are you up to the challenge? Then apply using the form below!

Sooperthemes' Dikke Stack

Your competences and experience

  • 3 years of Drupal experience and at least 2 year with Drupal 8. You're intimitely familiar with Drupal concepts like views, translation, and workflow.
  • You develop OOP PHP code that doesn't just work but is also readable and conforms to Drupal standards and best practices.
  • Experienced with writing Javascript/jQuery plugins or applications
  • You're excited about Javascript frameworks like React but you're not afraid to tackle a complex bug in some ole' fashioned jQuery code
  • You don't have to be a CSS expert but if something needs to be fixed in the styling layer you figure it out and get your hands dirty in our SASS files.
  • You're familiar with Javascript concepts like closures, prototyping, and security principles like CORS and namespacing.
  • You're emotionally intelligent and can function in a team.
  • You don't shy away from challenges but see challenges as opportunities for personal development and growth.
  • You take your rest when needed and enjoy your vacation days to the fullest but you're prepared to work some overtime if it's needed to onboard a new enterprise client.

Sooperthemes Unique Selling Points

  • Interesting work: We decide what we develop.
  • Work that directly impacts the daily lives of thousands of people
  • Competitive salary
  • We're an early stage start-up and entirely "bootstrapped" (no outside investors). If you prove yourself there is opportunity to have ownership in the company.
  • Informal and open atmosphere. (The ping pong table is well used)
  • Free lunch, 25 paid vacation days, vacation money.


Questions about job opportunities?

Get in touch with Jurriaan

Onboarding Procedure

  1. Fill in application form
  2. Introduction meeting
  3. Second interview with project-relevant questions
  4. Contract Proposal
  5. Get to work!

What We're Offering

  • Money
  • Awesome workplace at UtrechtInc on Uithof campus
  • Unlimited organic fairtrade coffee
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Cross-pollination between marketing, communication, design, and programming projects