Sooperthemes Is Looking For A Co-Founder / Full-Stack Drupal Developer

Join us at startup incubator UtrechtInc at the Utrecht Science Park campus or work remotely if you're in Europe

A few examples of our hundreds of paying clients:

As Sooperthemes' First Co-Founder you will join a rocket-ship start-up that is not only growing fast but also profitable! Depending on your experience you will be able to combine a founder salary with ownership percentage of 5-20%. This is a unique and low-risk opportunity to help Drupal's most exciting start-up create a more visual and fun Drupal experience!
Jurriaan Roelofs, Sooperthemes Founder

The Job

As Full-Stack developer for Sooperthemes you're working on the PHP/Symfony/Drupal backend of our products and on the front-end drag and drop builder that runs off a code-base counting over 10.000 lines of JavaScript. You'll mostly be working on our core product: Glazed Builder. This is a unique frontend editor for Drupal 7 and 8.

Besides Glazed Builder you'll help develop and maintain a full suite of Drupal products including modules, a theme, and a collection of demo installation profiles.

At the moment and for the foreseeable future we will develop and maintain all products on both D7 and D8.

About You

You are a passionate software engineer with 3+ years of Drupal experience and a track record of successful product development. You're not just an excellent programmer but also emotionally intelligent and you have the ambition to take a leadership position as Sooperthemes continues its awesome growth. 

You're an expert on Drupal 7 and 8 and you're familiar with the Symfony and React ecosystems. You're an expert PHP and JS developer with a portfolio of high quality software.

You're a productive programmer and when it makes sense you can create briefings for our remote developers in eastern Europe to develop new product features and website components.

Sooperthemes' Fat Stack

Job Requirements

  • Expert level Drupal 7 knowledge
  • Expert level Drupal 8 knowledge
  • You have an account on with activity for 3+ years
  • Expert level JavaScript knowledge
  • Familiar with Symfony ecosystem
  • Familiar with React ecosystem
  • LAMP/LEMP configuration basics
  • Drupal 7 and 8 theming experience
  • At least basic level CSS skills
  • You know what feature branches and pull requests are
  • You're emotionally intelligent and can function in a team
  • You have experience delegating tasks to other developers

Additional skills that would be awesome if you got 'em

  • Experience hiring developers
  • Experience outsourcing projects to remote developers
  • Machine learning
  • Python
  • REST Services
  • OAuth
  • UX and Design skills or at least affinity with the field

About Us

For hundreds of international clients including United Nations, the US Senate, Redhat, and Fujitsu we build products for open source CMS Drupal to provide a better user experience for content editors, marketers, and site builders. Our core product is Glazed Builder and it's a Drupal module that you can install in 5 minutes on any Drupal site.

We're working out of the UtrechtInc start-up incubator on the Utrecht Science Park.


Questions about job opportunities?

Get in touch with Jurriaan

Onboarding Procedure

  1. Fill in application form
  2. Introduction meeting
  3. Second interview with project-relevant questions
  4. Contract Proposal
  5. Get to work!

What We're Offering

  • Money
  • Awesome workplace at UtrechtInc on Uithof campus
  • Unlimited organic fairtrade coffee
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Cross-pollination between marketing, communication, design, and programming projects