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Our powerful framework theme for Drupal 8 and 7: Glazed comes with a colorful clean-cut multi-purpose design that easily adapts to your content and branding. 

Glazed Theme Is Our Premium Drupal 8 And 7 Theme

Build incredible Drupal websites 5x faster than before and without coding knowledge! You'll be Excited to use powerful Easy To Use theme settings and our very own drag And drop module Glazed Builder!

Join over 2000 organisations, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies and create incredible Drupal experiences with Sooperthemes Glazed Builder, Glazed Theme, and more!  

It's risk-free with our 20 days return policy!

Why Over 2000 Drupal Professionals Chose Glazed Theme

Drag And Drop Builder Included!

Sooperthemes developed the best Drag and Drop builder for Drupal: Glazed Builder. Build websites 3x faster than before with this incredibly powerful yet easy to use visual editor.

Online In 5 Minutes With 15 Demos

We provide fully functional demo sites, including realistic demo content, menus, forms, and functionality! Just install a demo profile, edit the demo content, and you're online in no time!

Trust The #1 Best Selling Theme

Sooperthemes Founder Jurriaan has 12 years experience building Drupal themes, modules, and websites. Feel safe as our unmatched dedication guarantees long-term support for your websites.
In the past theming sites was time consuming and required front-end development skills. Sooperthemes Glazed Theme let me build sites in Drupal quickly, so I got the benefits of an enterprise class CMS without the pain points. The drag and drop functionality is excellent, it's intuitive and easy to use. The demo kits help decrease onboarding time to have a great site up quickly. If you have outgrown other CMS and want to move up to Drupal,  Sooperthemes provides!
Creating the website with Sooperthemes was so simple and it was easy to get the office manager up to speed on content management and making basic changes. It's so nice to have everything in one place that allows me to drag and drop when a request for a change is made. Well worth the money! Glazed Builder has made my life so much easier.”

Design Your Own Glazed Website With 200+ Theme Settings

Completely Customize Glazed With Easy Settings

All our demo sites and even the site are one theme with different theme settings. Glazed was designed to be customized from the ground up!

Change all the colors

With 24 color settings you have complete control over every color in our theme. There are no hardcoded colors in our Drupal theme.

Full Control Over Your Menu And Header

Glazed supports side-headers, sticky headers, or just a regular old simple top-header. Change your header style and size with simple settings.

10 Additional Header Color Settings

Hate Drupal template designs that look like typical Drupal templates? With 10 additional color settings you can easily create unique header designs! 1 2

Mobile Responsive Layout Settings

Our flexible-width responsive Bootstrap based grid system easily adapts to fit any size and any design.

Choose From 2000 Fonts

Choose from websave fonts, self-hosted fonts, Google Fonts, or add your own fonts in a custom subtheme!

Typography Design Tool

We love typography at Sooperthemes and created unique typography design tool with automatic header sizing based on a site-wide typographic scale.

Block Design Tool

Blocks are abundant in Drupal and we pay special attention to blocks in our unique block designer section in the Glazed Theme Settings.

Custom CSS/JS

For advanced users we provide the capability to easily add custom CSS and JS to your theme without the need to edit and upload files.

Theme Settings Import/Export

Easily import theme settings from different environments or different websites, or from our demo sites!

Glazed Theme For Drupal 8 And 7 Will Blow Your Mind or You'll Get Your Money Back!

No Questions Asked Money Back Return Within 20 Days If You Don't End Up Using It

Glazed Builder Drag And Drop Module By Sooperthemes

Glazed Theme and Glazed Builder great well together but can also work independently.

Call To Action Buttons That Convert

Tons of eye-catching button design presets and easily customize color, typography, and every other detail!

Place Forms With One Click

Create your forms with the powerful Drupal webform module and load it up anywhere you want!

4000 Icons At Your Fingertips

Included Font Awesome 5 Pro in 3 different weights, Font Awesome 4, glyphicon halflings, and more!

Direct Attention With Easy Animation Settings

Our powerful and easy to use animation engine lets you direct that attention right where you want it.

Include And Edit Global Blocks

Want to repeat a call to action block or feature list on multiple pages? Use our AJAX element to have it update across your website when you save it locally.

Vimeo And YouTube Videos

Just drop a YouTube or Vimeo URL in our Video Element and you're set. Easily customize the play button and cover image in seconds.

Clients love the drag and drop builder's text editing and media placement. Marketers love the eye-catching landing page elements. Site builders love the ability to match any creative design at warp speed. Developers love how nobody asks them to do anything.
Jurriaan Roelofs, Sooperthemes
Organize Content In Tabs And Vertical Tabs

Display your content in regular old tabs, or have the tabs appear left or right of your content.

Progressive Disclosure With Collapsibles

Our collapsibles layout element helps you avoid that choice-paralysis and highlight the important stuff.

20 Creative Content Elements

Images, Videos, Countdown timers, Circle counters, Dividers, Wells, Grids. We have the most complete drag and drop builder for Drupal, see for yourself.

200+ Simple Sidebar Elements

Pricing tables, timeline elements, testimonial sliders, and more. Our library of "sidebar snippets" is easily extendable with basic HTML knowledge.

Discover How Glazed Builder Helps 3 Typical Drupal Users:

The Editor

Instant inline editing and media management

The Marketer

Create a mobile friendly landing page without coding

The Site Builder

Assembling a personalized event registration page

Why Glazed Is The Best Drupal Theme In 2018:

Designed For Drupal By Drupal Experts

Sooperthemes Has Been Around For Over 10 Years

When buying themes from generic market places you'll find sellers lose interest and stop supporting and updating products. We've been selling Drupal themes for 10 years and we intend to stick around.

Designed And Coded For Drupal

Glazed Theme and Glazed Builder are built using Drupal best practices and coded by Drupal experts. Our products are only available for Drupal.

Coded By Drupal Ninjas

Our 3 main developers all have 8+ years of Drupal experience and have contributed many open source modules, themes, and Drupal core patches.

Built From The Ground Up Again For Drupal 8

Drupal 8 introduced Twig and a completely new API and new design patterns. We built our products from the ground up again for Drupal 8!

Includes 15 Demos With Complete Demo Content And Features

Customize Your Theme To Perfection With 200+ Simple, Intuitive Settings

Developed And Standardized On Bootstrap 3

Why Bootstrap 3?

Drupal LOVES bootstrap. The boostrap system is mobile friendly, well documented, and easy to understand even to non-technical users. The Bootstrap basetheme is the most popular theme on

Bootstrap everywhere

You'll find bootstrap everywhere in Glazed Theme, Glazed Builder. It's used in the HTML we output, and to render the backend. This level of standardisation makes it easy to understand and extend our products.

Bootstrap Customized

We built a lot of things on top of bootstrap. We made the Glazed layout completely flexible in width, added boxed-layout mode and full-width layout options. We support elements like Wells for blocks but also offer options to completely customize every aspect of these bootstrap elements.

Everything just works

Rather than inventing new layout systems or adding homebrew solutions for tabs, toggles, and buttons we use a solution that has been tested by millions of users worldwide. This gives us a level of stability that you simply cannot achieve on your own and we believe this is the "Drupal way" of doing things..

Join A Thriving Community Of Sooperthemes Drupal Professionals

Community-Driven Development

Sooperthemes is a customer-centric business: we listen to customers and actively seek out advice to learn how to best serve you. Our forum bustles with activity, and we look at every feature request and issue with great interest.

Awesome Support At Any Given Moment

Our support team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of our products and services. IF you run into any problems, we have your back.

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