Drupal 8 and 7 Themes Gallery

Glazed Theme

The most popular and complete Drupal framework theme!

 Glazed Theme features:

  • Glazed Builder drag and drop module

  • 200+ Powerful yet simple theme settings

  • Based on Bootstrap 3

  • 15 Demos with full demo content and features

Join over 2000 organisations, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies and create incredible Drupal experiences with Sooperthemes Glazed Builder, Glazed Theme, and more!  

Included: Glazed Builder Visual Drag And Drop Module

Unite the power of Drupal with the simplicity of drag and drop!

Glazed Builder

Drag and drop module for Drupal 8 and 7. 

Glazed Builder features:

  • Instant Inline Editing

  • Build layouts visually

  • Drag and drop images and multimedia

  • Drag and drop views, blocks, webforms, and more

  • Create landing pages with preset templates, marketing elements, icons, and more!