Glazed Builder Is Our Drag & Drop Builder For Drupal 7 And 8 And Works With Any Theme

Empower Clients With Rich Content Editing And Build Drupal Websites 3x Faster!

Over 2000 Drupal agencies, universities, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies create incredible Drupal experiences with Glazed Builder

1. Amaze Your Clients With Rich Visual Content and Media Features

Developers love Drupal but clients don't. And why should they? CKEditor is good for writing articles, not for creating responsive layouts and rich media content. Give them Glazed Builder and your clients will be forever greatful! 

2. Empower Marketing Staff With Visual Landing Page Building 

Stop bothering your developers for time-sensitive markting content that needs to be online yesterday! With Glazed Builder your marketing staff can design and publish awesome landing pages without coding.

3. Build Drupal Projects Like A Team Twice Your Size

Build Dynamic Drupal websites faster visually by leveraging powerful backend integration. Create portals, dashboards, and responsive layouts in minutes instead of ours.

Discover How Glazed Builder Helps 3 Typical Drupal Users:

The Editor

Instant inline editing and media management

The Marketer

Create a mobile friendly landing page without coding

The Site Builder

Assembling a personalized event registration page

Stop Relying On Developers For Page Layouts And Rich Multi-Media Content

Instant Inline Editing

Just click and type. No menus, no lag because the editor is being loaded. Instant editing comes standard.

Upload And Access Multimedia Anywhere

Upload images or re-use images in your library. Integrates with Media or Entity Browser modules.

Design Content With Confidence

Each elements has intuitive design and styling settings. Easily add background images, borders, and more.

Mobile Responsive Made Easy

Layouts created with Glazed Builder are mobile responsive automatically! and customizable too.

SEO: Get More Customers From Google

Easily add alt and title text to images, fully control your header tags, always get clean mark-up and fast performance. We make sure  Google will rank you above your competitors.

Images and Video For Stunning Backgrounds

Set the scene with a full-width header image, or even video. Fine-tune your design with color overlays, parallax image scrolling, and full screen sections that are both 100% width and height.

It looks absolutely gorgeous. Really looking forward to being able to use SooperThemes Portfolio on new sites and retrofit to a couple of old ones
atiras, SooperThemes Professional
Re-Use Your Work With Templates

Save any element, a section or even a whole page as template. Ready to re-use anywhere on your site.

Entity Revisions: Worry-Free Editing

Accidentally deleted your awesome call to action block? Just revert to your last saved revision.

Instant Results At Warp Speed

Our builder works as a headless-Drupal frontend application to give you a speedy lag-free experience.

Work Faster, Visually

Work visually and intuitively with tools like cloning, dragging and dropping, copying and pasting.

11 Page Templates To Start With

Writers block? Just select a page-template and start editing that demo content!

200 Drop-In Sidebar Elements

Our easily extendable library of sidebar elements provides beautiful customizable content elements.

Our Page Builder For Drupal 7 and 8 Will Blow Your Mind or You'll Get Your Money Back!

No Questions Asked Money Back Return Within 20 Days If You Don't End Up Using It

Marketing Features To Turn Your Boring Landing Pages Into Conversion Machines!

Call To Action Buttons That Convert

Tons of eye-catching button design presets and easily customize color, typography, and every other detail!

Place Forms With One Click

Create your forms with the powerful Drupal webform module and load it up anywhere you want!

4000 Icons At Your Fingertips

Included Font Awesome 5 Pro in 3 different weights, Font Awesome 4, glyphicon halflings, and more!

Direct Attention With Animation

Our powerful and easy to use animation engine lets you direct that attention right where you want it.

Include And Edit Global Blocks

Want to repeat a call to action block or feature list on multiple pages? Use our AJAX element to have it update across your website when you save it locally.

Vimeo And YouTube Videos

Just drop a YouTube or Vimeo URL in our Video Element and you're set. Easily customize the play button and cover image in seconds.

Organize Content In Tabs And Vertical Tabs

Display your content in regular old tabs, or have the tabs appear left or right of your content.

Progressive Disclosure With Collapsibles

Our collapsibles layout element helps you avoid that choice-paralysis and highlight the important stuff.

20 Creative Content Elements

Images, Videos, Countdown timers, Circle counters, Dividers, Wells, Grids. We have the most complete drag and drop builder for Drupal, see for yourself.

200+ Simple Sidebar Elements

Pricing tables, timeline elements, testimonial sliders, and more. Our library of "sidebar snippets" is easily extendable with basic HTML knowledge.

Powerful Site Building Tools To Deliver Drupal Projects 3 Times Faster

Include Any Drupal Block Anywhere

Whether it's a login form, menu block, or custom module block.. it's now a drag and drop block. Works with multilingual sites and dynamic content too.

Design Unique Content Sliders In Seconds

Our carousel element provides a ton of customization and design options, ensuring your content looks unique and looks totally on-brand and up to date!

Customize Views Displays On The Fly

Toggle fields on and off, override pager settings, load or remove the view title. We let you use a single views displays in multiple configurations.

Interact With Contextual And Exposed Filters

Our frontend builder lets you interact with exposed filters and contextual filters in the frontend. This puts some powerful views features in a simpler interface.

Clients love the drag and drop builder's text editing and media placement. Marketers love the eye-catching landing page elements. Site builders love the ability to match any creative design at warp speed. Developers love how nobody asks them to do anything.
Jurriaan Roelofs, SooperThemes
Simplify Footer And Sidebar Content Updates

Multiple builder instances per page are no problem, you can use the drag and drop builder to make footers blocks and other peripheral content easy to update.

Update And Include Blocks Globally

Using the Ajax Element easily load call to action blocks or other content that repeats across your website, and edit it in place. It will update globally.

Build Difficult Layouts Faster With Positioned Elements

Your designer got a little creative? No problem with our positioned elements tool. Leverage absolulute positioning without coding and use z-index values to create overlapping design elements.

Nested Rows, No Problem

Sometimes you just want to put a row inside a row and set different breakpoints for nested rows. Our builder lets you do that. No problem.

Drop-In Google Maps

Need to put a map in your page? Just select the map element and spell out your address. You can also put a search query in the location field like "Walmart, New york" or  "Hospitals, Paris" and it will just work.

Powered By Bootstrap 3

Our builder's internals are standardized as much as possible on this awesome framework. This is great if you're familiar with Bootstrap 3 and it doesn't concern you at all if you don't know or care about Bootstrap. It just works.

Developed On Drupal APIs To Work With Your Infrastructure

Drupal 7 and 8

Glazed Builder is fully compatible with Drupal 7 and 8. Our Visual page builder works perfectly with multilingual websites, caching, entity revisions, aggregation, and more. The module als provides hooks for custom extensions.

Plugs Right Into Your Existing Infrastructure

Works without modification on something as complex as our highly optimized Nginx LEMP stack with Cloudlare as a global CDN for assets and pages. 

Easily Extend With Custom Sidebar Snippets

Our Sidebar Snippets System was designed to easily make any HTML snippet into a drag and drop component by simply adding css classes.

1-Step Installation On Any Text Field

With 1 click you can activate Glazed Builder on any text field. You simply select the Glazed Builder field formatter on your text field in the entity display form.

Build Complex Dashboards Without Coding

Even developers can save time by using dynamic views integration and AJAX features to build complex dashboards visually. Powerful features like views contextual filter and exposed filter overrides make this super easy.

No Shortcodes, No Vendor Lock-in

We respect open source and ownership of content. We've even added an uninstallation tool that replaces all dynamic paths with statics URLs so that your content works after uninstallation.

Join A Thriving Community Of SooperThemes Drupal Professionals

Community-Driven Development

SooperThemes is a customer-centric business: we listen to customers and actively seek out advice to learn how to best serve you. Our forum bustles with activity, and we look at every feature request and issue with great interest.

Awesome Support At Any Given Moment

Our support team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of our products and services. IF you run into any problems, we have you back.

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