When Sooperthemes launched the Glazed drag and drop theme in June this year it quickly became the most talked about Drupal theme in our 8 years of history. Community support for our premium drupal themes even resulted in my case study being featured on the Drupal.org homepage.  Now in version 2.3.1 there is a ton of new stuff and I worked out some of the kinks that a minority of customers on windows machines and $2 hosting were experiencing during installation.

After designing and developing the new Canvas sub-theme, I worked tirelessly for 9 days on improving the installation experience. What I initially planned as a 2 day excursion into the installation performance issues, turned into a long grind of testing, profiling and refactoring. The result is a speedy and dynamic installation process that adapts itself on your hosting environment by doing realtime performance profiling on your server. 

Canvas Sub-Theme

Canvas is a clean, modern sub-theme with a focus on pageload performance and SEO optimization. The canvas sub-theme shares the main demo content that you'll also find in the Main Demo and Dark Demo. With the canvas sub-theme release we added a collection of ready-made pages and layouts the the main demo content package.

Premade Homepage Layouts

Glazed Drupal Theme Homepage Templates

In addition to the 30+ elements pages we added in a previous release we created 7 readymade drag and drop homepage examples that combine elements and animation in interesting ways. Besides pure drag and drop based homepages we also introduced pages that combine views inside the drag and drop layout. Check out the blog homepage and portfolio homepage

Premade Page Layouts

Glazed Drupal Theme Subpage Templates

To further demonstrate the power of combining drag and drop elements with real content we create 11 new ready-made sub-pages. These range from simple layouts like the restaurant menu page to more advanced applications like a Drupal user registration page that hides the menu. Glazed Theme now offers readymade templates to create business websites, restaurant websites, creative portfolio or agency websites and much more.

New Portfolio Layouts

Glazed Drupal Theme Portfolio Templates

To showcase the powerful combination of Bootstrap and Drupal we user the Bootstrap Views module as well as a premium portfolio module to create a massive 24 portfolio layouts. They are all made with the views module so you can easily clone them and customize them. Some of these layouts simply showcase various bootstrap grid applications and some more advanced portoflio views using category based filtering and inline modal node views.

New Blog Layouts

Glazed Drupal Theme Blog Templates

Through an application of Bootstrap views and adding layout to blog displays using Field Formatter Class and Field Group modules the CMS Blog component got a big update. By pulling the service links module into the component and giving both the pages and comments a make-over we created more engaging Blog layouts, like the classic and modern layouts, or the minimalistic grid views.

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To celebrate this substantial update and to kick off the start of Glazed Theme 2.4 I want to ask your help in making Glazed 2.4 another great leap forward. Glazed 2.3 already has features that are never seen before in a Drupal theme, like visual (frontend) drag and drop, an extensive user-friendly theme settings dashboard, and a susbcription that gets you a regular flow of new designs you can easily import and use in your Glazed sites.

I want to know what it is that you want to see in the next Glazed Theme update: 2.4. The 3 most compelling and well thought-out comments that address the 2.4 roadmap will win a 1 year premium themes subscription on Sooperthemes. To see an overview of what's already possible with Glazed take a good look at the Main Demo site.

Up Next: More Drupal Themes and Glazed 2.4

With all these new features and pages in our flagship Drupal theme the focus will first be on creating new designs. Glazed Drupal theme is promoted as the revolutionary new way to create more appealing Drupal websites in less time. This efficiency also allows Sooperthemes to produce new designs with high efficiency. Expect to see trendy, user-friendly and engaging new sub-themes to roll-out in November and December. While getting inspired by new design trends and UX studies we'll be posting updates as we develop a roadmap for Glazed 2.4 feature updates. Based on your input and our experience, I'm sure it will be an exciting release.

Glazed Drupal Themes: Canvas


Oct 15, 2015 By Jurriaan