Important note: If you're updating to Glazed Builder from Carbide Builder, you can't go straight to the latest version of Glazed Builder; you have to first go to version 1.1.2 which you can download here If you skip this version, you won't be able to update your content in step 11.


  1. Put your website in maintenance mode
  2. Backup your database
  3. Download the same demo profile you used to create your Glazed site from the download page
    (if you didn't use a demo profile, just donwload the main demo profile with all features and find the items you need in there)
  4. Unzip the profile and browse to the profiles/cms folder
  5. Select the librariesthemes, and modules folders and copy or upload them to the /profiles/cms folder in your webste
  6. Go to the Modules admin page. You don't need to select any modules, you can just press "Save Configuration"
  7. Confirm to enable the Glazed Builder and Glazed Helper modules
  8. After the modules are enabled, run update.php
  9. Apply database updates
  10. Go to the Glazed Builder settings page at admin/config/content/glazed_builder
  11. In the fieldset Glazed Builder > Glazed Builder Update press the button Start Update.
    If you don't see this button that means glazed_builder was removed or disabled, please make sure it's enabled before this step.
  12. After completing the process, you can safely switch off glazed_builder and glazed_config and uninstall them. Make sure you don't skip the uninstallation before deleting files or Drupal will keep throwing you notices about missing modules.
  13. To finish upsave the theme settings form at admin/appearance/settings/glazed (or a subtheme) to to make sure all the new Glazed 2.6.0 styling is loaded on your website.
  14. Switch off maintenance mode
  15. Verify that the new Glazed Builder interface is loading on the fields that previously used Carbide Builder as field formatter. Please note that using the builder in forms as input format is not supported anymore.
  16. If Glazed Builder is working OK you can delete the glazed_builder and glazed_config modules at /profiles/cms/modules/sooperthemes_premium

Pantheon Hosting Notes

Pantheon needs a slightly different process to upgrade successfully (many thanks to Chris):

  1. Delete the .gitignore file that is in the module directory (this interferes with the mechanism that Pantheon uses to migrate code between Dev ->  Test -> live and stops essential field being copied. This .gitignore file will be removed in future version upgrades).

  2. Clone live to test and dev to make sure all environments are in the same state
  3. Run a manual backup on dev, test and live
  4. Complete steps 1 - 5 in the updating instructions
  5. Commit code to dev
  6. Deploy code to test (Important: do not check the option run update.php after pulling code)
  7. Complete steps 6 - 15 on test in the updating instructions
  8. Deploy code to live (Important: do not check the option run update.php after pulling code)
  9. Clone database and files from test to live (Alternatively, you can repeat steps 6 – 15 on live, but simply cloning the database and files is faster/easier).
  10. Clone database and files from live to dev so all environments are the same state again
  11. Complete step 16 in the updating instructions - delete glazed_builder & glazed_config on dev and deploy to test and live