Layout Settings 

Boxed layout: This means boxed containers will squeeze all container backgrounds into a center column. 

Box Background: This is quite simple. You can choose the color of your background. This means when you are in themes settings your background wil whatever color you have chosen and your sections will automatically take up that color unless you choose in the style tab the background color.

Grid Settings:

Boxed Container Max-width: This determines the max-width your sections are going to be. 
Content Max-width: This goes for the max-width of your content. 
Space between columns: This is the blank space between your columns. 
Space between rows: This is the black space between the rows.
Container Space: Determines the space your containers have. The higher the number the smaller the content within the container will be. 

Background Image:

Path to background image: Is the path to the file you would like to use as your page title background image. Uploading it will automatically populate the text field. The background image also populates the background of your sections and webpages.

Background Style: 
Cover: Takes up the entire width and space. 
Contain: Centers the image to the middle. 
No Repeat: This means the image will only appear once. 
Repeat: This means your background image will repeat itself. 

Background Position: You also have the ability to choose a background-position.

Mobile View:

Space between columns: Just like the Grid settings you have the ability to adjust the space between the columns for mobiles
Space between rows: you may also adjust the space between the rows for Mobile View.
Mobile Container Space: Just like in the Grid Settings you can also adjust the Mobile Container Space

Secondary Header:
This is also related to customization of the mobile pages. 
Hide in small devices: Here you may choose whether or not you want to hide the secondary header in Mobile. You can ‘Never hide it’ and choose the maximum size a device will have been before the secondary header is hidden. For example, Extra small devices (<768px)

Full-Width Regions and Content Types:

Full-Width Regions:  You can choose whether or not you would like the content width to be full or not. You can choose whether or not you want the Page Title to be full width, the content, the footer and much more.

 Having full with on in content regions allows blocks to span across the whole browser and creating layouts with full-screen backgrounds. 

Full-width content types: This also goes for your content types. The content types that can be adjusted are Articles, Blog posts, Events, basic pages, portfolio projects, and drag and drop pages. 

Hide Regions:

This gives you the ability to hide regions across your website. For example, if your Secondary header to be hidden on all pages click ‘on’ and it will not appear on any of your pages. You can also do this in page settings at the bottom if you only want specific pages to have hidden specific regions.