1. Drupal CoreAt the heart of our products is the Drupal 7 core. Drupal was chosen as a base because of its flexibility and its many open source modules that help us build big features in a small amount of time.2. Bootstrap 3

The second layer that is just as important as our backend framework is Bootstrap 3: our frontend framework. Thanks to Bootstrap 3 we can offer you a set of tools and design elements that are naturally and beautifully mobile friendly.

Our code base loads Bootstrap 3 from CDN and then extends it with our own theming and behavior. All of Drupal's built-in theme functions are also enhanced by the bootstrap basetheme, turning Drupal into the perfect Bootstrap 3 CMS.

3. Glazed Drupal CMS

Glazed Drupal CMS is a Drupal distribution. A distribution is a collection of modules that turn Drupal into a complete product. It includes modules, libraries , themes and all the configuration to make the components work as a whole.

Our distribution enhances Drupal with the tools that are typically needed in a small-business CMS website. Drupal 7 lacks a native text editor, content types for blogs, events news and portfolio galleries. Our distribution fills in the gaps, and makes full use of both Drupal and Bootstrap to render a beautiful, mobile friendly multipurpose CMS.

You can also download individual components of our distribution and use them in any Drupal project:

4. Glazed Theme

Glazed Theme is a framework theme that provides a lot of settings and design patterns and on top of that a beautiful design. Glazed works together with Bootstrap to create a unique but familiar base design with a high degree of customizeability through theme settings and color module integration.

Glazed theme is a subtheme of the Bootstrap basetheme, and also includes a starter theme in case you need to subtheme Glazed theme. The recommended way to customize Glazed theme is through theme settings and the custom CSS textbox in our settings but if you need to do 3rd party integration or include a large amount of custom styling a subtheme is the way to go.

5. Glazed Builder

Glazed Builder is our drag and drop pagebuilder tool. It's integrated with Glazed theme but can also be used as standalone product. 

The builder integrates with Drupal as a Field formatter. You can enable the editor on node and block fields, or on your custom entities.

Besides the large amount of included elements you will find tabs with all your Drupal blocks and views. The views integration includes the ability to clone the same views displays and set different contextual filters, sorting, and exposed filters.

6. Glazed “Subthemes”

Our “Subthemes” are not really themes at all: they are features modules containing Glazed theme settings and demo content. This is because the capability of themes does not fulfill the needs we have for subthemes. What people expect of subthemes is a unique design, and in the real world content is also part of that design.

Therefore we chose modules as a vehicle for our subthemes and we use the features module to package both content and theme settings in one package. This architecture allows us to include more functionality in our subthemes, such as design-specific views displays or content types.