Using our free deployment and installation service you can install our products on your own webhosting fully automatically. Provide an empty folder, an empty database and an SSH address and lean back.

Webhosting requirements

  • Capable of hosting Drupal
  • Drush
  • SSH login with username and password

Recommended hosting companies

Our installer has built-in support for site5 and A2hosting. Sooperthemes tested these Drupal hosting companies to be top performers  and they run SSH and Drush right out of the box. We tested both thoroughly and we highly recommend using them with our products.

Even if you're not currently in the market, moving to one of these hosting companies will give you a great experience with our products and installation service.

VPS and other hosting

Other shared hosting can work too but you might have to create a support ticket to get SSH access and get Drush installed in your account. If your run your own server or VPS you're ready to install as soon as your web stack is installed and you installed drush.
Unfortunately our service cannot work with Pantheon hosting.

Using our webhosting installer

  1. Choose or create an empty folder in your webserver's HTML folder.
  2. Create an empty database.
  3. Select a demo from the Download page.
  4. Below the Download button on the download page fill in the form fields in the Webhosting Installation form.
  5. Click the Test Connection button. If you get any error messages please resolve these.
  6. If the Test button gives you the green light, click Upload and Install.
  7. After several minutes your website will be ready.
  8. Log in to your website at with the same username and password you entered before as SSH credentials in the installer.