Installing a Glazed Theme demo with an installation profile is just as easy as installing Drupal 7 itself, and in fact the process is the same.

If you never installed Drupal before, you can easily find more detailed tutorials specific to your environment (WAMP, MAMP, or cpanel, DigitalOcean etc.) with Google and YouTube.

    When you're installing on a webserver that supports ssh and drush you can also use our free installation service, in that case you don't need to do any of the steps below as they are executed automatically.

    1. Select a demo and download it to your computer
    2. Choose or create an empty folder under your webserver's html directory
    3. Upload the entire zip file you downloaded the this folder and extract it. If the zip file is in a webhosting environment you can extract it using your webhosting file management software (for example in cpanel).
    4. Create a new MySQL databaseĀ  for your Glazed website
    5. Now you will browse to the web address that corresponds to where you uploaded and extracted the zip file. For example http://localhost/mysite/ or
    6. Follow the installation instructions in the browser. This will take longer than just installing Drupal core because we are installing a lot of modules and settings.
    7. When the installation is finished your site is ready and should look the same as the demo you selected.
    At the last step "Select Demo Content" our installation profile will have tested your server settings to predict if it can handle all the demo content. Please read the report on this page carefully and unselect the demo content if you have prolems here previously.