Installing a new theme on an existing website can sometimes be hard. Weigh up your options: Is it quicker to copy your existing content in a fresh new Glazed demo installation, or is your existing site large enough that it makes sense to add a new theme and re-organize your content and views layout

  1. Download the latest Bootstrap basetheme for Drupal 7 from and put it in your sites/all/themes folder.
  2. Download Glazed theme and the Glazed Helper module from the Sooperthemes Product Downloads page.
  3. Place the theme in sites/all/themes and the helper module in sites/all/modules.
  4. Review the dependencies of the Glazed Helper module and download those to the same folder.
  5. In your Drupal site go to Admin > Appearance and enable the Glazed theme.
  6. Set Glazed as default theme and disable your old theme.
  7. Glazed is not designed to be used as an admin theme, so you should check that your admin theme is Seven theme.
  8. Go to Admin > Modules and enable the Glazed Theme Helper module. This module manages some features in the theme settings form, provides Glazed design tools as a field collection to customize individual page theming and provides a full screen search block.
  9. Download the jQuery Update module from and put it in your sites/all/modules folder. Enable it.
  10. In the Glazed Theme Settings page scroll to the bottom and set jQuery update to load version 2.1 or newer.
  11. Save the Glazed Theme Settings page.
  12. Go to Admin > Structure > Blocks and move blocks into the correct regions.
  13. Go to Admin > Appearance > Glazed > Settings or click the Theme Settings link in the toolbar to customize your Glazed theme.