Version 2.6.9

April 2, 2018

  • Removed all UI modules and fences from dependencies so they can be turned off in production sites
  • Switched to using latest dev version of D7 Views module because there are many improvements and no recent releases
  • Tested everything to work with Drupal 7.58 and 8.5.1 security patches

Version 2.6.6

November 15, 2017

  • Added Formatter Field module and Views Field Formatter module as dependency to cms_portfolio. note: The Formatter Field module is patched
  • Refactored the Image Display Style field on portfolio images by exposing the a field formatter widget to the node form, allowing you to use different field formatters for your portfolio images on different nodes of the same content type. This new configuration allows you to choose any field formatter for your portfolio image fields, including plugins exposed by slider modules, gallery, modules, lightbox modules, etcetera. 
  • Added examples views to cms_portfolio "CMS Portfolio Image Galleries" that are selectable when using Views as field formatter option for the portfolio images field. Example views include bootstrap grid views as well as a bootstrap slider view
  • Removed the Image Field Caption module that was previously used to add text to portfolio images. It is now recommended to use Glazed Builder to create layouts that mix text and images.
  • Updated portfolio masonry example views to have bottom margin added to images, and removed the title fields from masonry views
  • Updated demo content for CMS Blog module
  • Update demo content for CMS Events module
  • Removed Glazed Portfolio module from Premium demo installation profiles and replaced with Sooperthemes PortfolioFor information about upgrading read this blog post
  • Updated addressfield tokens module from 1.5 to 1.7. (version 1.6 was skipped because it has a bug)