For versioning we follow Semantic Versioning best practices.

Version 1.1.9

April 26, 2018

  • Updated CKEditor to 4.9.2
  • Increased scroll speed when dragging elements near edge of viewport
  • Increased drag and drop placeholder visibility on dark backgrounds
  • Forced a maximum size on drag and drop placeholder en helper element sizes for more fluid dragging experience of big elements and sections

Version 1.1.8

Marhch 31, 2018

  • Improved behavior of dropshadow style option, making it work better with images, buttons, and icon elements
  • Improved inline editing performance, extended inline editing to Blockquote element
  • Updated sidebar and page templates
  • Fixed issue with Floating animations
  • Fixed drush pm-update compatibility with Drush 8
  • Improved display of switch controlsin high density displays

Version 1.1.7

February 22, 2018

  • Excluded CMS elements from regenerating when initializing the builder to improve (perceived) performance
  • Fixed fitting of custom video play button on mobile devices
  • Fixed small styling issues

Version 1.1.6

December 16, 2017

  • Fixed layout bug for websites using non-bootstrap theme with Glazed Builder
  • Updated design of image selection widget
  • Fixed issue with color picker
  • Added category selection to icons widget
  • Made icon search much faster (dropped jQuery ui from widget)
  • Fixed bug with Carousel element prev/next pager in Bottom-Left position
  • Added Font Awesome 5 Pro icons (to exist alongside Font Awesome 4)
  • Added Google Material Icons
  • Updated all colors to reflect 2018 Glazed branding

Version 1.1.5

November 15, 2017

  • Added "Gradient" background style option to section background effects tab
  • Exposed image URL on all Glazed Builder image widgets so you can now use external images everywhere (background images, image elemnts, etc). 
  • Changed icon for "clone" in Glazed Builder element controls
  • Added + button to bottom of section elements as shortcut to add a new section directly below
  • Updated inline editing configuration so that you can click once in any text and start typing. Previously 2 clicks were needed, one to intitialize the editor and a second to place the cursor
  • Improved performance of YouTube background video playback
  • Added Vertical Centering option to section element
  • Fixed bug with Glazed Builder editor on taxonomy term entities
  • Fixed bug with Glazed Builder interface not showing up when creating a new empty drag and drop block
  • Fixed issue with controls covering text when inline editing
  • Fixed issue with invisible controls still being clickable when pressing the Eye icon on Glazed Builder main controls
  • Fixed autoplay option in carousel element
  • Modernized Glazed Builder dropshadows design (softer and rounder). (Applies to drop shadow slider in style tab)
  • Fixed bug with missing views, related to views that were migrated with Drupal 6>Drupal 7 upgrade
  • Fixed styling issue with bootstrap sliders, applies also to quoteslider sidebar element
  • Fixed styling issue with price on pricelisting sidebar element
  • UX Improvement: added minimum height to Block/View elements to make sure views and blocks are controllable when they are empty

Version 1.1.4

August 12, 2017

  • Fixed bug with sidebar elements interface on windows servers
  • Added highlighting style to empty CMS elements to make sure a block or view is not invisible to editors when it has no content to be displayed
  • Fixed issue with quoteslider design and Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • Made countdown timer text translatable
  • Fixed issue with color button in CKEditor (loading of Glazed Theme default colors)
  • Point all CDN hosted demo content images to https to prevent demo content issues on https environments
  • Added documentation of API functions in glazed_builder.api.php
  • Implemented minor UI Design and branding improvements
  • Fixed issue with color picker default color and RGBA colors
  • Added init-colorbox-processed to list of classes to strip on saving to relieve colorbox performance problems
  • Fixed editing issue when multiple Glazed Builder instances are on one page and the logged in user has permission to edit 1 or more instances but no permissions to add 1 or more of the other instances on the page.
  • Updated animate.css (performance improvement)
  • Added a warning text to Elements that reference blocks of views that are missing (deleted, uninstalled)

Version 1.1.3

March 27, 2017

  • Added easy extensibility of sidebar elements in themes and modules
  • Updated all bootstrap CDN references to 3.3.7
  • Fixed issue with Carousel autoplay and pause-on-hover options
  • Improved rendering and UX of AJAX Container element
  • Removed backwards compatibility with < 1.0 builder versions
  • Removed backwards compatibility with media module < 7.x-2.0-beta2
  • Improved Media module popup auto-size initiation
  • Updated page templates
  • Improved JS/CSS asset management of sidebar elements
  • Added empty-placeholder in editor for Drupal block elements that are empty
  • Updated bootstrap-slider plugin (used in settings moda)
  • Fixed layout issue with row selection popover

Version 1.1.2

February 24, 2017

  • Removed the banner pointing out the sidebar controls
  • Tweaked controls design to look cleaner and tighter
  • Performance improvements controls rendering and positioning, should make initialization of builder even faster
  • Improved controls positioning with new algorithm that only creates extra spacing in elements where it's actually needed to keep controls apart. Should result in much closer WYSIWYG experience while editing pages. 
  • Improved Glazed branding and design in Glazed Builder Modal
  • Added Dropshadow option to Style tab
  • Fixed bug with CMS blocks from Drupal core not loading 
  • Fixed bug with youtube backgrounds not loading for anonymous users

Version 1.1.1

February 2, 2017

  • Uninstalling the Glazed Builder text format which is deprecated in favor of the Field Formatter frontend-editor
  • Update CKEditor 4.6.1 to 4.6.2
  • Fixed layout bug with row layout popover
  • Preventing fatal error when a module is uninstalled but a block from this module is still embedded in a drag and drop field
  • Made Glazed Builder aware of view permissions for Drupal Blocks

Version 1.1.0

This is a big update, please read the changes carefully and consult our guide for updating Glazed Builder to Glazed Builder.

January 13, 2017

  • Added opacity slider to color picker
  • Added support for revisions 
  • Updated CKEditor 4.5 to 4.6
  • Added Glazed Builder > Glazed Builder automatic update feature
  • Redesigned and re-engineered element controls, fixing problems with overlapping controls 
  • Rebranded Glazed Builder > Glazed Builder
  • Removed cb_text_format. Using the builder in the edit form or any form is no longer supported. Going forward the builder only works as frontend builder (field formatter).
  • Removed id attributes from elements, fixing issues with duplicate ids
  • Fixed carousel element auto-play issue
  • Added new permission "Administer Glazed Builder configuration"
  • Added search to icon selector
  • Fixed timeline CSS
  • Added Drupal integration to ensure views contextual filters work for admins on views elements in builder interface 
  • Added vertical centering option on column element
  • Improved Equal Height option on row element
  • Add option to include block title on Drupal Block element
  • Added uninstallation feature that removes url tokens from database
  • Added basic support for Google AMP

Version 1.0.15

November 1, 2016

  • Added option 'btn-link' to button element
  • Adjusted video elements to prevent showing related YouTube videos at end
  • Fixed autoPlay interval option in carousel
  • Added Font Size tool to Glazed Builder CKEditor
  • Upgraded Font awesome to version 4.7
  • Added support for Entity Translation module. Glazed Builder save function now does proper language negotiation based on entity translation configuration. (this is needed for translating bean blocks and other non-node entities)
  •  Fixed broken About Me layout template
  • Fixed thousands separator option in number counter element
  • Fixed issue with Well element having 2 well classes

Version 1.0.14

October 10, 2016

  • Added option for custom play button on video element
  • Fixed issues with carbide buttons disappearing below menus and container edges
  • Fixed bug with carousel pagination/navigation color settings
  • Made carousel dots navigation slightly smaller
  • Adjustment to button positioning to prevent buttons disappearing beyond edge of containers

Version 1.0.13

August 29, 2016

  • Removed gap below Google maps element
  • Made styling of links within carbide modals more obivous so people don't miss the "direct input" link for custom css classes.
  • Renamed Carbide link "direct input" to "switch to custom text input" 
  • Big update for Carousel element:
    • Enable / Disable dots navigation
    • Dots Orientation (inside / outside slides)
    • Dots Shapes (circle, square, triangle, bar)
    • Dots micro interaction animations
    • Dots Color
    • Active dot color
    • Enable / Disable Next Previous navigation
    • Next/Prev orientation (inside / outside slides)
    • Next/Prev shape (circle, square, bar)
    • Next/Prev icon color
    • Next/Prev icon hover color
    • Next/Prev background color
    • Next/Prev hover background color
    • Next/Prev icon stroke thickness
    • Next/Prev icon angle
    • Next/Prev navigation position
    • Enable/Disable stop on hover
    • Added custom owl carousel theme
  • Improved Views integration by adding Drupal.settings provisioning over Glazed Builder AJAX for some complicated views plugins (e.g. Glazed Portfolio filter views)
  • Fixed https problem with vimeo videos in carbide video element

Version 1.0.12

July 26, 2016

  • Updated progress bar element with configurable height and custom colors
  • Added Carousel element interval timing setting
  • Fixed custom color/background color and hover colors styling on icon elements

Version 1.0.10

May 12, 2016

  • Fixed issue with translation of strings in JS files
  • Update YouTube background video library
  • Fixed broken quote icon in testimonial slider
  • Fixed issue with Pixeden Stroke icons not loading in some elements
  • Fixed Fatal Error when web server does not have mutibyte libraries installed
  • Fixed issue with undefined index "id" in glazed_builder.module

Version 1.0.11

July 14, 2016

  • Added support for automatic updates via Drupal core update module
  • Added equal height columns option to row element
  • Added experimental setting for using Drupal text filters on Glazed Builder fields
  • Added better inline documentation to Glazed Builder module settings
  • Added 2 modules to carbide builder with drag and drop node type and block type
  • Fixed support for Drupal translation in some javascript files
  • Added function to auto-hide sidebar elements banner after 10 seconds
  • Added replacement token for carbide builder module path in content asset urls
  • Removed extra spacing below page title and main container in mobile view
  • Removed all base64 encoding on templates and other HTML areas for better template maintainability and database integrity.
  • Added more settings to Divider element for contextual divider design
  • Fixed syntax error with image attribute and media module integration
  • Fixed fatal error get_display, get_option when views display handler is not installed
  • Fixed problem with new views not showing in carbide builder
  • Fixed error mb_convert function when php multibyte handling is not installed
  • Fixed error underfined index 'id'
  • Fixed glazedPath error with Glazed Builder standalone use
  • Added flat design button to sidebar elements
  • Fixed issues with hanging menu on mobile
  • Fixed spacing in iconbox sidebar element
  • Refactored code that handles content-specific javascript. Fixed bug with old base urls hanging around content after moving to new server. Improved performance.
  • Added option button-block to button element
  • Fixed icon size attribute labels
  • Disabled modal window animations to prevent hanging window on double click

Version 1.0.10

May 12, 2016

  • Fixed issue with translation of strings in JS files
  • Update YouTube background video library
  • Fixed broken quote icon in testimonial slider
  • Fixed issue with Pixeden Stroke icons not loading in some elements
  • Fixed Fatal Error when web server does not have mutibyte libraries installed
  • Fixed issue with undefined index "id" in glazed_builder.module

Version 1.0.9

May 12, 2016

  • Made sidebar elements bar a bit wider
  • Removed text decoration from buttons when Carbide is used as standalone
  • Fixed glazedPath javascript errors from ac_drupal.js when using carbide without glazed
  • Differentiated 3d button style more from default button style
  • Added Flat button style
  • Improved user experience issues with Positioned Elements container
  • Brought inline parent/child control back to slides, toggle and tabs
  • Finetuned spacing in Icon Box sidebar elements

Version 1.0.8

April 22, 2016

  • Fixed left/right icons in Quote slider elements
  • Fixed bug with drupal views elements exposed filter form setting all checkboxes to 0 when updating views display
  • Fixed description of carbide bulder content and block types
  • Added some utility classes (including drop shadows)
  • Made utility classes extendable through both module hooks and theme .info files
  • Made sidebar elements area wider
  • Fixed permission issue with empty-page layout templates
  • Renamed separator element to Divider
  • Improved styling for exposed filter forms in Drupal views elements
  • Fix issues with Views element exposed filter "all" token
  • Fixed bug with empty views becoming unclickable
  • Improved styling for bootstral-native slider
  • Renamed accordion element to collapsible
  • Fix errors with Window.Drupal.settings.glazed is undefined in standalone module usage
  • SEO feature: changed image carousel to use image tags instead of background images
  • SEO feature: alt/title fields for image and image carousel elements
  • Improved styling o media library integration for image selection
  • Added 'float' animation
  • Reduced site of animate.css library by 50% by removing animations that have no use in websites
  • Performance optimization for asset-loading JS

Version 1.0.7

March 29, 2016

  • Hotfix for missing icons in Team Box sidebar element. (restored missing link to Font Awesome icons.

Version 1.0.6

March 25, 2016

  • Updated brand-colors for social icons to include latest FontAwesome icons
  • Optimized social icons css
  • Migrated elements sass from Sass/Compass to Grunt/Sass/Autoprefixer
  • Fixed social icons element settings
  • Added security warning for giving roles the Glazed Builder permission
  • Working on new separator element
  • Fixed (no) scrolling bug with Glazed Builder element settings modal window

Version 1.0.5

Feb 17, 2016

  • Optimize minified css/js
  • Fix issues with ensted az-*able classes in icon boxes (Sidebar element)

Version 1.0.4

Feb 6, 2016

  • Update libraries
  • Fix styling of new empty-page text
  • Fix error when view code is missing (deleted) but not uninstalled

Version 1.0.3

Feb 4, 2016

  • Fix bug with new page templates feature and inline editing

Version 1.0.2

Feb 2, 2016

  • Fix bug with invisible images
  • Add category database field for page templates so that in the future we can split up the templates visually.
  • New Feature: Page Templates. Graphical interface for starting empty page with layout template.
  • Change border radius default unit from % to px
  • Carbide builder sidebar and modal settings style update
  • Carbide builder controls styling update
  • Previous versions of Waypoints included an option, triggerOnce, which would destroy a waypoint after the handler was triggered the first time. That option has been removed in favor of manually calling .destroy() at the end of the handler.
  • Add capability for Glazed Builder view loader to request CSS and JS assets from views
  • Add Drupal.attachBehaviors after AJAX loading Drupal block and views
  • Improve visibility empty container
  • Fixed problems with button stylign in some themes (removed type=button from button HTML)
  • Refactored inline editing to load editor on clicking text.
  • Added new option 'direction' to Tabs, to extend bootstrap tabs with side-tabs
  • Added setting to Views element: Toggle Fields
  • Adding settings to Glazed Builder Views elements: Contextual filter, show/hide view title, override pages
  • Improved modal window typography
  • Removed all views-blocks from Blocks pane (the views should be available only in the Views panel)
  • Added Glazed Builder help button and popover
  • Fixed video element https bug
  • Fixed color picker bug (needed 2 clicks to pick color)
  • Replaced all single checkboxes with bootstrap-switch 
  • Improved bootstrap-slider controls styling
  • Removed bootstrap-sass dependency from .scss
  • Replaced all radios and some dropdowns with Glazed-style check-mark radios 
  • Restyled animation tab
  • Re-organized styles tab
  • Add palceholder image option to Video element

Version 1.0.1

Jan 11, 2016

  • Install Grunt for compiling and minifying glazed_builder
  • Style tab layout fixes
  • Carbide builder modal window visual makeover
  • Replace bootstrap prefixed with carbide_bootstrap (normal bootstrap)
  • Add branding to sidebar
  • Disable inline parent control in same row for all elements except columns
  • Initiate rows elements with 1/2 1/2 layout
  • UX improvements to row element
  • Refactor price listing to be separate from pricing tables css
  • Adding icon-helpers css to teambox sidebar elements
  • Fix image price listing
  • Add theme colors palette to CKEditor
  • Extending CKEditor settings for builder textediting
  • Adding headding to default text in Text Element
  • Added bootstrap responsive 16:9 embed integration to video element
  • Fixed bug with setting width and height to az-video element (maintaining aspect ratio)
  • Added Google Maps element
  • Update pricing table css
  • Improve Glazed button hover styles
  • Fixed bug with circle counters in cloned containers
  • Added filter to Blocks and Views tabs
  • Add more button styles
  • Fix bug that doesn't allow unselecting image styles. Adding option 'Original image' to image styles.
  • set AutoParagraph = false in all CKEditor instances to fix bugs with inline editing for simple text fields
  • Update CKEditor toolbar buttons
  • Add support for bootstrap text/button styles in Carbide CKEditor instances
  • Fixed bugs with existing content and inline editing feature
  • Improving icons for backend controls
  • Icons for backend controls 40px -> 42px for crisper icons 
  • Fix for hidden controls on empty page
  • Split CMS elements into 2 tabs: Views and Blocks
  • When using Glazed theme on site, add Glazed color module colors to Glazed Builder color palette's as default options
  • Add 'offset' option to Animate on Appear feature
  • Added inline editing feature with CKEditor
  • Remove Popup element (poor user experience)
  • Replaced TinyMCE with CKEditor
  • Adding Sass support to all css
  • Remove linkit integration
  • Removed grid element with jQuery Masonry
  • Fixing youtube video background
  • Removed option 'animate by letter' and Textillate plugin
  • Code refactoring
  • OWL carousel styling update
  • Removed az_gallery element with flexslider, nivoslider
  • Update libraries
  • Remove features/libraries Pictstrips, Smoothscroll, Countup, HTML2Canvas, FileManager, FileSaver, AdiPoli, Impress.js, jParallax, ScrollMagic, ScrollTo (and onepage menu features), JSTree, jQuery CountDown, PrettyPhoto
  • Coding standards
  • Add branding to interface
  • Meaningful notification on save
  • Improve help texts
  • Replace file_get_content(url) with drupal_http_request so that it works everywhere even with PHP 'allow_url_fopen = Off'
  • Fix compatibility with media module 2.x (beta1)

Version 1.0

Nov 12, 2015

  • Initial release