For versioning we follow Semantic Versioning best practices.

Version 8.x-1.1.1


  • Added breadcrumb alignment setting and support for centered breadcrumbs
  • Fix issue with main menu overlapping admin menu for non-admin users
  • Moved hero region before page title to match Drupal 7 layout
  • Refined and simplified select element styling
  • Added alt and title attribute SEO support to ilightbox formatter
  • Set default theme settings to not load Bootstrap basetheme modals library override 
  • Fixed missing color palette options in Glazed theme settings form block design tool
  • Fixed loading order so that based assets (bootstrap, jQuery, etc.) are all loaded before custom scripts from Glazed theme settings form

Version 8.x-1.1.0

September 17, 2018

  • Moved the stylized glazed styling for Bootstrap 3 panels out of Glazed theme and into Glazed builder while assigning it to a separate class "panel-glazed"
  • Fixed issue with fatal error when Glazed theme loads missing block
  • Fixed positioning conflict between overlay header style and messages
  • Made sure the full screen search overlay and form never show even if Javascript is not running or if important assets are missing
  • Fixed local web fonts preview in Glazed Theme Settings
  • Fixed missing Glazed utility classes in Glazed Builder (by using hook)
  • Fixed issue with block divider background in Glazed Theme Settings
  • Added license information to Drupal status report

Version 8.x-1.0.0

April 26, 2018

  • Initial Drupal 8 release

Version 7.x-2.7.1

November 16, 2018

    • Added breadcrumb alignment setting and support for centered breadcrumbs
    • Refined and simplified select element styling

    Version 7.x-2.7.0

    September 17, 2018

    • Moved the stylized glazed styling for Bootstrap 3 panels out of Glazed theme and into Glazed builder while assigning it to a separate class "panel-glazed"
    • Fixed positioning conflict between overlay header style and messages
    • Made sure the full screen search overlay and form never show even if Javascript is not running or if important assets are missing
    • Implemented format_username is blog node template to fix support for username modules
    • Fixed issue with block divider background in Glazed Theme Settings
    • Added license information to Drupal status report

    Version 7.x-2.6.9

    March 31, 2018

    • Improved styling of bootstrap tabs, left/right tabs in configurations with non-white body or container backgrounds
    • Fixed flickering 3rd level mobile/side menu items in latest release of Chrome browser
    • Fixed font size issue with dropdown menus
    • Fixed drush pm-update compatibility with Drush 8

    Version 7.x-2.6.8

    February 22, 2018

    • Minor styling fixes
    • Fixed issue with tabs colors on non-white background
    • Fixed issue with importing demo content through Glazed Settings Form

    Version 7.x-2.6.7

    December 16, 2017

    • Added support for Navbar module (backport from D8 navbar)
    • Fixed issue with page titles hidden between page title background image
    • Fixed issue with secondary header region expanding when sticky footer option is enabled
    • Fixed issue of body scrolling while swiping mobile menu backdrop
    • Minor adjustment to default boxed layout width and content width
    • Updated all colors to reflect 2018 Glazed branding

    Version 7.x-2.6.6

    November 15, 2017

    • Fixed issue with breadcrumb links to being clickable
    • Modernized styling for Bootstrap 3 slider
    • Added helper class glazed-util-gutter-bottom to create bottom margin that respects Glazed grid theme settings
    • Fixed layout issue when using centered stacked top header theme setting
    • Modernized sticky footer implementation with Flexbox CSS. Fixes flickering of main menu in some edge cases
    • Set bootstrap panel heading text color to inherit a color rather than forcing the body text color
    • Fixed notices when replying to comment
    • Fixed issue with mobile h1 font size
    • Fixed layout issues with mini tabs (primary tasks menu on pages without page title region)
    • Hid option for Sticky Footer when Boxed Layout theme setting is enabled

    Version 7.x-2.6.5

    August 12, 2017

    • Added theming for loadmore button in Glazed Premium Portfolio views
    • Removed modernizr for animation support detection in mobile menu system (performance improvement)
    • Improved layout header settings in Glazed settings form
    • Updated animate.css library (performance improvement)
    • Add minification to all Glazed custom JS files
    • Fixed issue with notices on event nodes in some circumstances
    • Fixed issue with btn-xs class
    • Update Glazed Theme Settings toolbar button to match Drupal 8 design
    • Fixed issue with devel dpm/krumo output in message area.
    • Fixed issue with blog node links design when share links are not used
    • On portfolio pages with lightbox setting: replaced Font Awesome 4 zoom icon with Font Awesome 5 (beta) SVG icon
    • Added content region to list of Full Width Regions setting
    • Updated Google Fonts Database
    • Changed the default CSS for glazed theme to match Main Demo design (this does not affect sites with customized theme settings)
    • Fixed issue with side header and possible overlapping or invisible logo
    • Fixed issue with mobile menu left/right/center align options
    • Cleaned up vertical tabs for theme settings form, removed summaries

    Version 7.x-2.6.4

    March 27, 2017

    • Updated overflow control on html element to prevent side-scroll on small screens
    • Updated bootstrap slider plugin, fixing issues with typography sliders resetting
    • Fixed issue with logo covering full screen search overlay when using side-header
    • Fixed issue with pull down navbar and full width header

    Version 7.x-2.6.3

    February 26, 2017

    • Fixed issue with mega dropdown covering top header when top header is used in full width mode
    • Fixed Glazed theme settings issue with descriptions being covered by buttons
    • Fixed bug with hit detection pushing Glazed Builder container down in some situations with side header mode

    Version 7.x-2.6.2

    February 24, 2017

    • Improved menu system performance, reducing menu flickering while page is loading
    • Added new design for floating primary tabs on pages with no page title
    • Added theming for media library popup. Update Glazed Helper to enable the integration
    • Improved detection of collision between header and secondary header, primary tabs
    • Improved styling of themed selectbox
    • Fixed javascript errors when menu is not in page

    Version 7.x-2.6.1

    February 2, 2017

    • Fixed some inconsitentcies with Glazed Container Spacing theme setting
    • Fixed local web fonts preview HTML in Glazed Theme Settings
    • Fixed issue where sometimes the secondary header was (partly) covered by the top header in overlay mode
    • Improved rendering and design of theme selectbox
    • Updated grid system to add proper gutters to rows that are not enclosed in a container (section element)
    • Added light shadow to top-header in fixed or sticky mode
    • Fixed issues with wrong colors being replaced by color module
    • Fixed Glazed Page Design settings to "squeeze" content column
    • Fixed z-index problems with primary tabs

    Version 7.x-2.6.0

    January 13, 2017

    • Added Import/Export interface for theme settings
    • Added helper class for vertical centering 
    • Linked Glazed Theme Settings toolbar link to default theme instead of glazed theme
    • Improved active menu item styling
    • Added missing helper classes to element classes selection

    Version 7.x-2.5.4

    November 1, 2016

    • Slightly adjusted form styling for better contrast
    • Gave the button design a cleaner line to match the form design that was introduced in 2.5.3.
    • Fixed Glazed Settings image fields compatibility with Media module 7.x-2.0-beta2+
    • Fixed display issue with tabs underline.
    • Made bootstrap default button style the same as primary button style. Default white buttons are not designed for call to action, which is how they are mostly used in Glazed.
    • Fixed issue with new selectbox design. Animated down-arrow does not prevent clicking selectbox anymore.
    • Fixed issue with header classes when Glazed Page Design field collection is present but some of its fields are removed.
    • Fixed bug with page title alignment setting
    • Fixed bug with theme settings not being saved when set to 0
    • Removed admin.css from subtheme starterkit
    • Fixed error 'undefined constant' body

    Version 7.x-2.5.3

    October 10, 2016

    This update features re-organized theme settings for Header and Main Menu. When installing this update to make sure everything is set correctly.

    • Completely redesigned forms. Forms now have a more minimalistic style that helps fit in a wider range of design solutions. Form styling now also features subtle colored micro-interactions and better webform module and webform-bootstrap integration. (example)
    • Added bug with mobile menu items disappearing if screen is smaller than menu list
    • Improved design for portfolio pages (example)
    • Add option to add next/previous pager links to any node type (see Layout -> Pagers in Glazed Settings)
    • Added lightbox gallery support to portfolio images
    • Added custom skin for ilightbox lightbox plugin
    • Added image comparison widget to portfolio page
    • Added Glazed Settings to control default design of portfolio pages, with multiple layout and style options
    • restructured theme files, splitting template.php into multiple include files
    • Added new top-header style: Pull-down Navbar
    • Fixed small layout issues with overlay header mode and transparent headers
    • Fixed spacing issue with breadcrumbs
    • Fixed spacing bug with mobile header
    • Fixed css selector bug with menu hover style settings
    • Added support for glazed-overlay helper classes to youtube background sections in carbide builder
    • Added 11 custom color options to easily create uniquely colored headers and navigation menus
    • Added options to Glazed Content Design for onpage customization of the following additional theme options:
      • Page container full width/boxed
      • Body background image
      • Switch full width header / Container width header
      • Header Layout
      • Header Position ( normal, fixed, sticky)
      • Header Style (normal, overlay, pull-down)
      • Header Height
      • Custom Colors x11 (same eleven color options as in Glazed Settings)
      • Side Header background color
      • Side Header text color
      • Side Header width
    • Updated Google Fonts database
    • Added demo pages to main demo to showcase new header options. See dropdown menu "Headers"

    Version 7.x-2.5.2

    August 29, 2016

    • Improved styling (padding) in tabs-left and tabs-right carbide builder tabs
    • Removed navbar-nav class from main menu to reduce unwanted styling from bootstrap on menu blocks and main manu
    • Added separate grid gutters and settings for the main container, forcing more space between browser viewport and content
    • Added Glazed helper class "glazed-util-no-spacer" to remove margin below rows
    • Removed gray background on active menu items in footer blocks
    • Improved Glazed styling for mini pager
    • Added custom styling for cubeportfolio (Glazed Portfolio, portfolio filters)
    • Updated menu hover border effect to not show on mobile menu when Desktop header mode is "top"
    • Fixed bug with default value for menu_border_color_custom
    • Fixed double padding on logo, hamburger menu and logo
    • In Glazed Settings, fixed bug with block design preset loosing state after changing preset
    • Renamed some theme regions for consistency

    Version 7.x-2.5.1

    July 26, 2016

    • Updated Glazed logo, favicon and screenshot.png files
    • Add default settings for Bootstrap smart tooltips to fix Glazed Settings layout issues
    • Fixed usort warnings about demo content when Glazed used as standalone
    • Fixed notices in Glazed Settings when color module is disabled
    • Fixed background opacity for header in fixed mode
    • Fixed button hover color. Fix x-primary hover styling everywhere
    • Fixed error missing function _bootstrap_icon in glazed_config.module when bootstrap basetheme is not loaded

    Version 7.x-2.5.0

    July 14, 2016

    • Added support for automatic updates via Drupal core update module
    • Refactored Glazed Font settings to automatically set correct font weight to go with selected font file. Added blockquote font setting.
    • Redesigned Theme Settings form. Added some live design features
    • Move Glazed Settings Menu vertical tab inside Header settings vertical tab
    • Renamed .footer class to .glazed-footer to prevent CSS conflicts with Bootstrap base theme
    • Adjusted Glazed default colors in footer and side menu
    • Added boxed mode layout support with variable width for both box and inner content
    • Added support for body background image (for boxed mode)
    • Added options to make any region full-width
    • Added options to make any content type full-width
    • Added settings for block design
    • Added settings for typography design
    • Added styling for bootstrap badge in footer
    • Added new design for nav and item-list lists in footer
    • Improved help text with custom CSS and JS theme settings
    • Fixed problem with hard-coded 1170px max width on some content
    • Removed color module locks
    • Renamed Glazed Dashboard to Glazed Settings
    • Updated Google Fonts
    • Reduce <hr> margin from 50px to 20px (bootstrap default)

    Version 7.x-2.4.8

    April 22, 2016

    • Updated premium portfolio views to use new portfolio category taxonomy
    • Fixed homepage icons in Canvas demo profile
    • Added more Bootstrap grid scale and crop image styles, with photographic 4:3 aspect ration
    • Slightly smaller h1/h2 font-size for main demo profile
    • Modified demo profile modules to not change the homepage if a homepage is already set by user
    • Fixed hover styling bootstrap .btn-link elements
    • Updated glazed default color scheme name
    • Added theme setting for custom javascript
    • Added demo content to cms_portfolio module
    • Demo content updated
    • Updated layout for portfolio content pages
    • Updated demo content motion image box
    • Fixed bug with sticky header position
    • Fixed editable/styleable content issues in demo content
    • Added support for Glazed full screen search block in header
    • Finetuned menu css to support menus as blocks inside the header
    • Modified header/menu system so that menu can be added as block and other blocks can be added adjacent to main menu

    Version 7.x-2.4.9

    May 12, 2016

    • Finetuned the secondary-header purple background color to better match the sky blue main color
    • Fixed bug with main menu scripts running when there is no main menu
    • Fixed Sticky header line-height issue that sometimes caused the header to have a larger height in affixed-mode (meaning after scroll offset).
    • Downgraded Features module to 2.9 in the installation profiles fo resolve strange bug with WYSIWYG profile configuration.

    Version 7.x-2.4.7

    April 14, 2016

    • updating contrib modules in demo profiles

    Version 7.x-2.4.6

    April 8, 2016

    • updating contrib modules in demo profiles

    Version 7.x-2.4.5

    March 25, 2016

    • Fix secondary header responsive hiding
    • Changes link color for text in bg-primary and glazed-util-overlay-primary helper classes
    • Header styling tweaks

    Version 7.x-2.4.4

    Feb 24, 2016

    • update default color scheme
    • update subtheme starterkit
    • Improve new menu system handling of large logos in side-menu mode
    • Upgrading default jQuery version from 1.10 to 2.1 (dropping IE8 support)
    • Add .once to new menu's toggle button
    • Replaced Sass/Compass with Grunt/Sass/Autoprefixer
    • Add new responsive menu system that supports auto-columns, 3 level menus and elegant animations.

    Version 7.x-2.4.3

    Feb 6, 2016

    • Fix comments form layout bug
    • Add full screen search feature
    • Improve Page Title Animation theme setting
    • Improve byline in full page blog node template

    Version 7.x-2.4.2

    Jan 11, 2016

    • Fix 'page_top' or 'page_bottom' is undefined bug
    • Refactor modal window css
    • Fix themesettings bug with image upload file paths in Glazed subthemes

    Version 7.x-2.4.1

    Jan 5, 2016

    • Jumotron styling less opionated
    • Inline form styling improvements
    • Fix themesettings css path for Glazed subtheme starterkit
    • Added new region 'secondary header'

    Version 7.x-2.4.0

    Nov 30, 2015

    • Cleaning and refactoring code
    • Coding standards
    • Fix blockquote
    • Fixed image height rendering
    • Restoring web tab for media browser
    • Add support for empty elements in Glazed Builder drag and drop snippets
    • Added onBeforeUnload message if unsaved content
    • Added views integration Contextual Filters
    • Added views integration Exposed Filters
    • Added views integration Exposed Sorting
    • Added Glazed Builder branding
    • Removed Impress.js presentation element
    • Removed JParallax
    • update 3rd party libraries
    • Removed site export/management related code
    • Updated and simplified animation engine
    • Fixed youtube background
    • Support responsive layout in video element
    • Disabled form component, can be added back if it's more reliable and useful
    • Refactor loader JS system for managing JS init and Just-In-time configuration code
    • Split views and blocks in tabs
    • Added views tag filter
    • Removed linkit
    • Fixed backward compatibility with azexo composer
    • Add Glazed Theme color palette to Iris color picker default palette
    • Add inline editing
    • Tweak tune and debug inline editing
    • Added new button styles
    • Added color overlay utility classes
    • New form styling
    • Social links element
    • Refactored icons element(s)
    • Refactored asset management for sidebar elements (now Carbide Snippets)
    • Refactoring row element and controls
    • Initiating row element with 1/2 + 1/2 layout
    • Refactor parent/child integrated control buttons
    • update jumbotron styling
    • Fixed major clusterfuck with lots of components by simply updating from jQuery 1.9 to 1.10
    • Add build scripts for
    • Add hook_enable code for backwards compatibility
    • Improve help texts
    • Lots and lots of UX improvements
    • Lots of bug fixes