Applying a demo design to your Glazed site

If you have a Glazed site, built either from a Starterkit or by installing the Glazed product set on an existing site, you can very simply re-configure it to match one of the Glazed demo sites. This tutorial assumes you already use Glazed theme.

Method 1: Using the subtheme module which will include demo content and require all the modules that provide the features you see in the demo. This is what you want if you want the full demo looks and capabilities.

  1. Download the relevant Subtheme module from the Sooperthemes Product Downloads page and put it in sites/all/modules.
  2. Go to Admin > Modules and enable your chosen Subtheme module. Any premium Glazed moduless upon which it depends should be downloaded from the Sooperthemes Prodct Downloads page and installed as described above.  Any other modules, including the Glazed Drupal CMS modules, are available from
  3. Your site will now look like the relevant demo site, including all features example content.

Method 2: Using only Glazed Theme and importing the theme settings of the demo site to get only the looks of the demo site and not the content and features.

  1. Browse to the Sooperthemes Product Downloads page
  2. Click the Theme Settings Export link on your demo of choice. The theme settings dump will open in a new window, keep this window open for later
  3. Download and install Glazed theme and Glazed theme helper module. You'll also find these on the same product downloads page
  4. Enable Glazed theme in admin/appearance on your website
  5. Browse to admin/modules and enable Glazed helper module
  6. Now a white link should appear in your admin menu, click it to go to the Glazed theme settings page
  7. In the theme settings form click the Import/Export vertical tab
  8. Copy the theme settings dump from the browser tab you opened in step 2 and pase it into the textarea labeled Import Theme Settings
  9. Save the theme settings form