Cufon your Drupal Theme in 4 Steps

Posted on Sep 10, 2009

I love Cufon. It's easy, lightweight and fast. Cufon is scripts that embeds external font files in your webpage and it's gaining popularity rapidly. I see more and more implementations it mostly it just looks impressive. The headings on this site are also Cufon.

Heads up: you can familiarize yourself with Cufon+Drupal without doing the work, by downloading the Free basetheme.

Step 1: Downloading the Cufon package

You can download the minified version free of charge. We're going to load and implement Cufon through the theming layer, so download to your theme folder.

Step 2: Get yourself a Cufon font

Making fonts for Cufon is easy, you can take any...

Releasing a new basetheme!

Posted on Jun 30, 2009 Basetheme v2 Display


  • Paul O’B from Sitepoint Forums for helping with researching for my holy grail of flexible Drupal CSS layouts.
  • John Albin from the Zen theme, for being a leader in Drupal theming innovation, and particularly for the awesome body/node/block/node classes code and the block edit/configure links.
  • Stephanie and Chris from TopNotchThemes for thinking up some awesome theme settings
  • Al Steffen from Studio theme, for pushing the limits at turning a Drupal
  • ...


Posted on Jun 17, 2009 redesign teaser

Click the heading to see the rest of the redesign, or go browse our new Drupal themes

Who now?

Today the new is officially going live. I have been talking about my awesome new themes for more than a year now but it's finally time to share. I hope that the direction I've taken with my themes will change the perspective people have of Drupal, as being the ugly ducking, and turn it into a awesomely extendable, flexible, configurable and re-colorable beautiful Swan!.

There is also a Design to Drupal service which is a service for superquick...

Wallpaper Repository working again

Posted on Jun 17, 2009 :) For a while the wallpapers had not been working due to imagecache issues. Now that I've relaunched the site, there are again new imagecache issues but the wallpapers are downloadable! If your screen resolution is not listed let me know and I'll add it! The imagecache issue is really not imagecache's fault but mine, I've been working with a bunch of windows AND linux symbolic links while my site was in the production environment and that seems to mess up the Drupal file system.

Reviewing: Drupal 6 Javascript and jQuery

Posted on Jun 3, 2009

The first review copy I received from Packt was Drupal 6 Themes. I was pretty unimpressed by that title and decided not to review it, since I didn't have much good to say about it. However, the Drupal 6 jQuery book by Matt Butcher is something else!

The book has everything that you expect from a jQuery/Drupal book, and it delivers it in a clear and understandable way, and it goes in depth into the topic. The whole book revolves around doing things the Drupal way, and using best practices. I also appreciate that the author always uses code in a way that maximizes the use of Drupal's core and it's popular modules, he explains how you can make use of Drupals jQuery behaviours, and there is a cool example using Drupal's AJAX capacities in combinations with a Views2 JSON view.

The book delves deep into the usage of jQuery in themes and modules and there is interesting...

Magento looking to "team up" with Drupal

Posted on Apr 6, 2008

Magento, the awesome ecommerce software that recently released their 1.0 stable, is interested in integration with Drupal.

I think Magento is great and it should be possible to integrate with Drupal, but to make this work well would be a very complex project.

The level of integration that you would want in such a combo is probably most closely matched by vbdrupal. VbDrupal is very powerful but also quiet a resource hog. Disclaimer: I last used VbDrupal about a year ago so maybe it's not slow anymore. A Drupal-fork would also be undesirable.

In the relevant Drupal group a proposal was posted for the integration but I think such a proposal should be preceded by a research of the feasibility of the integration...

Joomla 1.5 & Drupal 6.1 Performance Comparison

Posted on Mar 18, 2008


Disclaimer: The absolute numbers here are not representative for losooperimes of either application on your server.
The thing we're looking for here is how results compare to eachother.

-Acer Aspire 7720G l
-Intel Core 2 du0 T5250 with Santa Rosa chipset (1.5Ghz 667MHz FSB 2MB L2 cache)

-XAMPP package with Zend Optimzer disabled
-No opcode caching enabled
-MySQL query caching enabled with default settings
-Windows Vista running classic theme (yes vista is lame, I know)

-SVN checkout of joomla 1.5
-CVS checkout Drupal 6.1
-Apache Benchmark

Part 1: Testing for load times with Jmeter

Test Setup:

  • concurrency: 1 user
  • Requests: 1000
  • Jmeter will run these requests as
  • ...