What do you want to see in Drupal Themes in 2010

Posted on Feb 5, 2010

Lots of interesting stuff has happened to theming Drupal Theming in 2009. The emergence of various theme shops, a pack of new basethemes, and a big improvement in the overall quality of the themes.

Drupal themes are getting better and it looks like this is an ongoing process. Just a few years ago everyone complained that Drupal themes were boring and all looked the same… Joomla and Wordpress were thought to have much better designs available.

From the support emails I get from my premium themes product line I’ve heard from many clients that they’ve switched from Joomla to Drupal because they finally found a theme that matched their needs, so for some users the quality of themes can be a factor of paramount importance for their CMS choice.

The Drupal project is growing fast as well and there is an upward trend in popularity of distributions, how will this affect...

Does spam thrive during economic decline?

Posted on Oct 22, 2009

Are laid off IT workers discovering that sending spam is easier than getting a job these days? It sure seems that way, even with mollom running on all forms around a hundred spam comments get through every week, and they seem to get more clever every time. I just found the following comment below my review of the Drupal 6 Javascript and jQuery book:

Submitted by san diego real estate (not verified) on Wed, 10/21/2009 - 18:55.
The only reason why I like this book is that this book developers deep into the usage of jQuery in themes and modules and there is interesting stuff in there for developers of any experience.

I can understand mollom didn't get that message because even I thought it was a real comment. I was much surprised to see the comment was posted by "san diego real estate" and that the linked site wasn't even made...

Why Drupal doesn’t have great themes -yet-

Posted on Oct 1, 2009

I think that both Todd and Morten have raised some very good points about difficulties with the theming landscape in the Drupal world, but I would like to offer my take on the issue. First I will put on my economical hat and later on I will add some points from a developer point of view.

Product Life Cycle:

In the Joomla templates and Wordpress themes business, theme developers have already gone through all the stages that us Drupal folks will have to face in the near future. Premium Theme developers in Wordpress and Joomla appear to have gone through the classical Growth-Slump-Maturity pattern:...

Cufon your Drupal Theme in 4 Steps

Posted on Sep 10, 2009

I love Cufon. It's easy, lightweight and fast. Cufon is scripts that embeds external font files in your webpage and it's gaining popularity rapidly. I see more and more implementations it mostly it just looks impressive. The headings on this site are also Cufon.

Heads up: you can familiarize yourself with Cufon+Drupal without doing the work, by downloading the Free sooperthemes.com basetheme.

Step 1: Downloading the Cufon package

You can download the minified version free of charge. We're going to load and implement Cufon through the theming layer, so download to your theme folder.

Step 2: Get yourself a Cufon font

Making fonts for Cufon is easy, you can take any...

Releasing a new basetheme!

Posted on Jun 30, 2009

Sooperthemes.com Basetheme v2 Display


  • Paul O’B from Sitepoint Forums for helping with researching for my holy grail of flexible Drupal CSS layouts.
  • John Albin from the Zen theme, for being a leader in Drupal theming innovation, and particularly for the awesome body/node/block/node classes code and the block edit/configure links.
  • Stephanie and Chris from TopNotchThemes for thinking up some awesome theme settings
  • Al Steffen from Studio theme, for pushing the limits at turning a Drupal
  • ...


Posted on Jun 17, 2009

Sooperthemes.com redesign teaser

Click the heading to see the rest of the Sooperthemes.com redesign, or go browse our new Drupal themes

Who now?

Today the new sooperthemes.com is officially going live. I have been talking about my awesome new themes for more than a year now but it's finally time to share. I hope that the direction I've taken with my themes will change the perspective people have of Drupal, as being the ugly ducking, and turn it into a awesomely extendable, flexible, configurable and re-colorable beautiful Swan!.

There is also a Design to Drupal service which is a service for superquick...

Wallpaper Repository working again

Posted on Jun 17, 2009

https://www.sooperthemes.com/wallpaper/druplicon-sunglasses :) For a while the wallpapers had not been working due to imagecache issues. Now that I've relaunched the site, there are again new imagecache issues but the wallpapers are downloadable! If your screen resolution is not listed let me know and I'll add it! The imagecache issue is really not imagecache's fault but mine, I've been working with a bunch of windows AND linux symbolic links while my site was in the production environment and that seems to mess up the Drupal file system.