I normally don't announce theme releases anywhere but this one is special. I've worked hard to make this theme work well and the xhtml template I was porting was well-coded as well.

This drupal theme will be a nice addition to the drupal theme repository, it doesn't look too flashy and it can easily be used as a theme for small business websites. What makes this theme special is it's high flexibility and configurability, this theme properly supports 1, 2 or 3 columns layouts, and it gets even better... The themes layout width is completely configurable, you can set it as a fixed width in pixels or as a fluid width, that being a percentage of the browser window width. You can also set the width of the main content area. The main content area is set to be a percentage of the total layout width, and when you change it the sidebar(s) will automatically assume the leftover width.

Enough talking, heres some stuff in list form:

Bullit proof

  • Doesn't break any drupal admin pages, or get broken by admin pages
  • small backend interface improvements
  • all structural and contextual layout blocks are flex-height (don't break when upscaling the font)


  • Theme Images weigh a combined 1,6kb
  • Style.css weighing in at 4.4kb
  • Output HTML is just as minimal (full html output size varies with content)

Custom Theme options:

  • set a fixed or fluid width layout
  • adjust the % of width the main content area will take up and the sidebar(s) will automagically resize to fill up the leftover space
  • subheader and navbar region are dispensable, to get an even cleaner layout!

Supported native drupal elements:

  • 1,2 or 3 columns!
  • main content / sidebar width configurable through theme options
  • blocks
  • primary menu
  • secondary menu
  • logo (including optional ie PNG fix for transparent backgrounds)
  • logotext
  • slogan
  • mission

Tested to work with:

  • Internet explorer 7
  • Internet explorer 6
  • Firefox
  • Opera 9
  • Safari (Safari for windows)
  • Netscape 9

I'll commit the theme to drupal cvs after I get some sleep but you can already download it at my drupal themes section.


Jan 24, 2008 By Jurriaan