Project Politika pt. 3, Poll: Voting for Drupal Theme Purpose

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Project Politika pt. 3, Poll: Voting for Drupal Theme Purpose

Politika is an effort to make an amazing looking and rich-featured theme for Drupal 7 and 6. For more info check the first project politika blog post!.

Voting time!

Last week we discussed possible theme purposes for the Politika GPL theme, now it's time so see which choice is the most popular. I will build a theme for whatever choice gets the most votes.
The poll will close june 16th so vote now!

13% (8 votes)
Photo Website
11% (7 votes)
3% (2 votes)
45% (29 votes)
Social Media/Social Networking
28% (18 votes)
Total votes: 64


Schedule for june

  1. June 7th (mon): Present and discuss project
  2. June 9th (wed): Discuss Theme purpose (type of website)
  3. June 14th (mon): Poll for theme purpose
  4. June 16th (wed): Discuss design style
  5. June 21th (mon): Poll for design style
  6. June 23th (wed): Discuss modules and features
  7. June 28th (mon): Questionnaire about modules and features
  8. June 30th (mon): Summary of poll and questionnaire results

The only problem I see with a "Social Media/Social Networking" theme is the vastly different content and functionality you see on various social media sites. For example Facebook vs YouTube vs Digg vs Flickr. So we'd actually have to decide what functionality the site would have which could be interesting :)

The other 4 options seem to have a much more targeted goal, lets face it, most blogs look the same and most e-commerce sites have a similar layout.

Thanks for your work on this,
Sean Bannister

Thanks for your feedback. I can imagine a social media theme would need to highest degree of flexibility so that in actually _is_ possible to build all those sites with it.
Conceptually it could look like this:
-color neutral
-grid with Skinr integration so that you can fit as much or as little content as you like
-support for CCK/Views/Context/Panels
-usability first, stunning looks second
-Fast loading, low on graphics. Or better yet no graphics and CSS3 progressive enhancement.

Nothing is impossible ;)