Community vote: Pick the first SooperThemes “free premium Drupal theme”

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Community vote: Pick the first SooperThemes “free premium Drupal theme”



Update: The winning theme "TouchPro" is now released as free GPL theme and a available here: TouchPro free responsive html5 Drupal theme. The other 2 themes are released as premium themes on

Thinking back to the time when (back then was a base for free Drupal I miss the spirit of free stuff on There is already the Tundra theme but this is mainly a theme for developers and I want to give something back to the much larger community of Drupal users.

I’m currently working on 3 theme concepts, all were conceptualized and designed to be premium themes on but I’m letting you choose one to be fully developed and released as GPL Drupal theme in the contrib. repository.

That’s right: I’ll give you whatever theme gets the most votes and will thus release what could be a bestselling theme for free. I hope the costs of missed income will be offset by some goodwill from happy users to try a product from on their future projects. I will also give free support for this theme, via the issue queue. Whichever theme gets chosen it will be produced with full color module integration and all the features that are also in the existing premium drupal themes and a new feature will also be developed for these themes (Nivo image slider) and contributed back to the free Tundra theme.

You can vote on this poll up to and including the 30th of March. Click the blogpost and scroll down to the bottom to find the poll.

Theme 1: HelloFolio

HelloFolio is a portfolio site with a casual personality. Whether you are a designer, programmer or usability expert: HelloFolio puts the focus on your work and uses an AIDA marketing model to convert onlookers into clients. The hellofolio theme will feature a Nivo image slider, animated navigation menu (lavalamp for the yellow bar uptop), a sliding panel with social icons, special CSS classes to use the Lobster font as well as button styles and an animated hover panel on the thumbnails that display your project (below the Creativity heading).

Design screenshot - click for enlargement

Theme 2: TouchPro

TouchPro is a mobile optimized and touchscreen optimized magazine theme. Of course it will also look great on your desktop computer. This theme has a focus on usability and offers a clear display and navigation for your content. All clickable elements are large enough to be pressed by the fattest of fingers on the smallest of smartphones and of course the theme comes with sooper features such as a slideshow, animated dropdown menus, amazing typography and sooperb Drupal integration and color module integration.

Design screenshot - click for enlargement

Theme 3: Deviant

Deviant is a sharp looking business theme with strong personality. Using the color picker you can choose a personality, or vibe that matches the style of your industry. This sharp and edgy looking theme is in part possible thanks to the new open source Lato typeface with light and hairline font files. The theme is intended to inform visitors of products and/or services and push them into your business with a lean design strategy and a stong call-to-action button style. This theme features a slider that can slide any content all the way across the viewport, beyond the bounds of the layout container. Of course you can also choose any other jQuery cycle transition you want with optional custom easing.

Design screenshot - click for enlargement


These designs are all in a final stage but they are not quite finished. They are each ready to be coded into a Drupal demo site but afterwards I will still do another round of design tweaks. When coding work is completed I will post the designs on and you can all join in and influence the process of getting the theme ready for production sites.

Release Cycle

These themes are packed with features and Drupal integrations so they won’t be built overnight. Typically my premium themes take 6 weeks in total including 2 weeks for design. Since these themes are already designed they should take 4 weeks to be fully developed and tested (And fixed), if nothing goes wrong…

43% (59 votes)
44% (60 votes)
13% (18 votes)
Total votes: 137


this is starting to look like a snail race, both themes have had the lead a few times already in the past 5 hours.