Installing a theme

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Installing a theme

This tutorial guides you through the steps of installing a SooperThemes premium theme. If you're already familiar with installing Drupal themes, you probably don't need this tutorial.

Step 1: Download the Theme

To download your theme, you first need to login at The login form is at the top of the website.

When logged in you have a My Downloads link in the right column. This link leads to a page with your file downloads. Click the theme you've just purchased and accept the download. Once the download is complete, unzip the package somewhere on your computer where you want to store it. (not yet in your Drupal website).

Step 2: Upload the theme folder

Inside the package are 2 things, the theme and the Sooper StarterKit which contains a complete Drupal installation. You want the folder with just the theme. Find the folder named something like sooper_prt_themename and upload this to your Drupal website.

The right folder to place any Drupal theme is /sites/all/themes, and not /themes! This latter is only for themes that come with Drupal core. If the sites/all/themes folder does not exist you have to create it.

Step 3: Enable the theme

Go to and enable the theme you just uploaded. You should also set is as default theme by checking the radio option.

Step 4: Set the theme settings

On the page where you enabled the theme, you can now click on the configure link, this will take you to the theme's embedded configurator. You can play with the theme settings, upload your logo and choose your color scheme. Finish it up by clicking the submit button (save) at the bottom of the page.