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Lumi Premium Drupal Theme
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Lumi Design Concept

Lumi combines the best of design and technology. With advanced responsive design features as well as amazing graphics it leaves your visitors in admiration of your brand.

Shortcode Library Included.

Shortcodes are a feature that has grown popular in the Wordpress community and is now available in Drupal. Check out our exclusive shortcode library.

Lumi + Arctica Features Mobile & Tablet ready out of the box


Mobile & Tablet Ready

Arctica comes with a media query based layout system that gives you control over the look of your website on every device. The easy to use configurator with advanced Skinr integration allows for quick and easy responsive design.


Built like Drupal

Arctica is built for speed and flexibility. Arctica is coded according to Drupal conventions and even has its own module/hook system that allows for self-contained feature plugins that do tasks like adding CSS to and extending the configurator with theme settings.


Powered by HTML5 and CSS3

Arctica features the latest technology available on the web. The CSS code comes with SASS/Compass source files and CSS3PIE integration. Polyfills are used for a fawless cross-browser experience.


Advanced Skinr Integration

Arctica gives you the power to override layout settings per media query. This allows you to simplify the layout for tablets and smartphones in order to provide an optimal experience for all your users.

Lumi + Tundra Features. For an immersive interactive experience


Sooper SlideshowKit

Featuring your content in a slick looking slideshow has never been easier! Sooper SlideshowKit helps you build a slideshow configure it just the way you want. With Sooper StarterKit or with our documentation your slideshow is up in minutes!


Sooper DropdownKit

Powered by our own SooperFish jQuery plugin, the DropdownKit offers multi-level animated menus, fully integrated with Drupals’ menu system. Everything about the menus can be finetuned with advanced configuration options!


Sooper FontKit

The new Sooper FontKit (Tundra 1.0+) boasts Google fonts integration as well local fonts, giving you 569 fonts to choose from. Not enough? The FontKit Auto-discovery feature integrates any FontSquirrel generated font kit with the theme.


Sooper Color Painter

We offer tailored designs by integrating all themes with Drupals’ color module. Create your color scheme in seconds with the Sooper Configurator, press save and watch how CSS and images are recolored to give birth to your unique design!

Sooper Configurator

You get to make your theme tailored to fit your needs with our embedded configurator. The configurator allows you to customize Colors, Layout Settings, Fonts, Drop-down menus and more.

Sooper ConfiguratorSooper ConfiguratorSooper ConfiguratorSooper ConfiguratorSooper ConfiguratorSooper Configurator

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