After voting on the design Style and purpose of the Politika free Drupal theme it's time to discuss modules and features. What modules do you use on your Ubercart sites that benefit from custom theming and what modules do you think have the future. Post a comment if you got experience here! You can also suggest modules that do not relate directly to ubercart but keep in mind that we decided do build an ecommerce theme so the module should be useful for a webshop. For inspiration you can check out the cool module styling (book module, forms, skinr) on Synopsis and the other premium Drupal themes by SooperThemes.

Schedule for june

  1. June 7th (mon): Present and discuss project
  2. June 9th (wed): Discuss Theme purpose (type of website)
  3. June 14th (mon): Poll for theme purpose
  4. June 16th (wed): Discuss design style
  5. July 8th (thu): Poll for design style
  6. Aug 17th (tue): Discuss modules and features
  7. Aug 21st (sat): Questionnaire about modules and features
  8. Aug 25th (wed): Summary of poll and questionnaire results
This part is where your comments really count because I'm not sure what contrib modules and plugins are popular on webshops, other than Ubercart, wich is also what powers the theme sales on Share your experience to help create an awesome GPL theme! p.s. I also know there are alternatives to Ubercart but since ubercart is the most popular let's not get into that discussion.


Aug 17, 2010 By Jurriaan