In the recently completed Poll on the purpose of the Politika theme we have established that it will be an ecommerce theme! This is exciting as well as challenging. E-commerce site really need a design that is focused on the content and focused on selling. Good Ubercart themes should also have some nice icons to skin the stock imagery. I do not often build ecommerce sites but I do have experience in this and I also have a Msc in marketing (pending my thesis) so this project will be a nice combination of my web and uni educations. Now it's time to discuss the style of this design. I want to build a theme that you all are dying to use on your next project so I would like to hear what kind of design styles are in demand in the community. Luckily for us, a major webdesign blog has recently posted an overview of big ecommerce website designs where you can get inspiration:

Tell me what designs you like! Post comments and I will create another poll so that you can vote on the design style

Since this is an ecommerce site there is also one very important dimension on which we have to choose a position, which is the up-market versus down-market dimension. If you sell luxury products you will want an up-market design like for example If you sell cheap offers you will want to appear like you offer the best deals and approach a more down-market design style like for example this:

If you have built a beautiful ecommerce site with Drupal in the past, feel free to post that too!

The discussion will run until June 21st which is next monday; unless the discussion clearly needs some more time, then it will be extended.

Also take a look at the latest Sooper Drupal Themes, Synopsis and Syan. These design styles could also work well for a store.


Schedule for june

  1. June 7th (mon): Present and discuss project
  2. June 9th (wed): Discuss Theme purpose (type of website)
  3. June 14th (mon): Poll for theme purpose
  4. June 16th (wed): Discuss design style
  5. June 21th (mon): Poll for design style
  6. June 23th (wed): Discuss modules and features
  7. June 28th (mon): Questionnaire about modules and features
  8. June 30th (mon): Summary of poll and questionnaire results


Jun 18, 2010 By Jurriaan