SooperThemes on Drupal 8 is going to be awesome. With features in core like views, configuration management, uuids, content blocks, HMTL5 our distribution is going to be a lot more solid and easier to install and maintain. From the 47 contrib projects that are in our main demo installation profile 16 are now in core!

As of August  2017 we are releasing test versions of all our Drupal 8 products.  

For a stable release we might wait until the D8media initiative succesfully brings media management in Drupal core. We think media management is a critical component of the Drupal product experience and we might not call our release stable while there is uncertainty about where Media contrib modules and Drupal core are moving.

As of March 1st  2017 it is confirmed that the D8media initiative will not be in Drupal 8.3 in April, it was postponed to be released as a stable core module in Drupal 8.4. This means we aim to release a beta of our products along with Drupal 8.4.0--dev after 8.3 releases in April.