SooperThemes on Drupal 8 is going to be awesome. With features in core like views, configuration management, uuids, content blocks, HMTL5 our distribution is going to be a lot more solid and easier to install and maintain. From the 47 contrib projects that are in our main demo installation profile 16 are now in core!

In order to create a reliable and stable, updateable Drupal 8 version of our products we need some critical projects to have a production release:

For other, simpler modules we can do with alpha and dev releases but for complex and critical components it's important to have a stable release. Moreover, a lot of important modules depend on the Token module, so even I port those myself I can't produce a stable release until Token has a stable release. As soon as the above projects are stable, it makes sense for me to start updating our products to D8. This is not just because realistically I don't have the resources to update these projects myself, Drupal 8 is simply less attractive than D7 while it doesn't have a stable release for token, date, pathauo, Drupal Commerce, Rules and other important contrib projects.

Update December 2016: it looks like the media intiative is making headway and producing an awesome media solution for Drupal 8.3. This will solve the biggest issue we have with providing a solid D8 experience and I will aim to have a full D8 release of all our products when Drupal 8.3 comes out in March/April.