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<div data-containment-id-kvcqe="" class="az-element az-section" style="" data-az-id="b2" data-azb="az_section"><div class="az-ctnr container" data-azcnt="true"><div class="az-element az-image text-center" data-az-id="b3" data-azb="az_image" data-azat-image="http://www.sooperthemes.com/sites/default/files/carbide-builder-utility-... data-azat-width="70%" data-azat-height="" data-azat-el_class="text-center" data-azat-style="margin-bottom:20px;"><img src="http://www.sooperthemes.com/sites/default/files/carbide-builder-utility-... alt="" title="" style="margin-bottom: 20px; width: 70%;"></div><div data-containment-id-bcqqr="" class="az-element az-section" style="" data-az-id="b4" data-azb="az_section"><div class="az-ctnr container" data-azcnt="true"><div class="az-element az-text" style="" data-az-id="b5" data-azb="az_text" data-azcnt="true"><p>The utility classes option provides a collection of CSS classes. The option is available on all elements in Glazed Builder&nbsp;including containers. By default the suggested classes are a selection of Bootstrap helper classes and a selection of Glazed helper classes. You can also click the link "Switch to custom text input" and put in additional css classes, without restriction.</p><p>If you are looking to control which classes are shown in the suggestions list, Glazed Builder provides 2 ways to do this.</p><h3>1. Define classes in your theme</h3><p>Glazed Builder will scan your theme's info file to build the list of utility classes. You can enter one new class per line using the following format:</p><pre>carbide_classes[your-class] = Class Label</pre><p>Make sure to clear all Drupal caches after updating your theme's info file. Your custom classes will be added to your theme's option group.</p><h3>2. Define classes in a module</h3><p>Glazed Builder provides a hook&nbsp;<em>hook_carbide_builder_classes_alter</em>&nbsp;that allows you to modify the $carbide_classes array. In the following example code replace <em>mymodule</em> with your module's name and put the code in your .module file:</p><pre>/**
&nbsp;* Implements hook_carbide_builder_classes_alter().
function mymodule_carbide_builder_classes_alter(&amp;$carbide_classes) {
&nbsp; dsm($carbide_classes);
&nbsp; $carbide_classes['optgroup-my-group'] = t('My Option Group');
&nbsp; $carbide_classes['my-class'] = t('My label');
</pre><p>After adding the function you'll have to clear caches for the hook to be picked up.</p></div></div></div></div></div>