For versioning we follow Semantic Versioning best practices.

Version 1.1.1

February 2, 2017

  • Uninstalling the Glazed Builder text format which is deprecated in favor of the Field Formatter frontend-editor
  • Update CKEditor 4.6.1 to 4.6.2
  • Fixed layout bug with row layout popover
  • Preventing fatal error when a module is uninstalled but a block from this module is still embedded in a drag and drop field
  • Made Glazed Builder aware of view permissions for Drupal Blocks

Version 1.1.0

This is a big update, please read the changes carefully and consult our guide for updating Glazed Builder to Glazed Builder.

January 13, 2017

  • Added opacity slider to color picker
  • Added support for revisions 
  • Updated CKEditor 4.5 to 4.6
  • Added Glazed Builder > Glazed Builder automatic update feature
  • Redesigned and re-engineered element controls, fixing problems with overlapping controls 
  • Rebranded Glazed Builder > Glazed Builder
  • Removed cb_text_format. Using the builder in the edit form or any form is no longer supported. Going forward the builder only works as frontend builder (field formatter).
  • Removed id attributes from elements, fixing issues with duplicate ids
  • Fixed carousel element auto-play issue
  • Added new permission "Administer Glazed Builder configuration"
  • Added search to icon selector
  • Fixed timeline CSS
  • Added Drupal integration to ensure views contextual filters work for admins on views elements in builder interface 
  • Added vertical centering option on column element
  • Improved Equal Height option on row element
  • Add option to include block title on Drupal Block element
  • Added uninstallation feature that removes url tokens from database
  • Added basic support for Google AMP

Version 1.0.15

November 1, 2016

  • Added option 'btn-link' to button element
  • Adjusted video elements to prevent showing related YouTube videos at end
  • Fixed autoPlay interval option in carousel
  • Added Font Size tool to Glazed Builder CKEditor
  • Upgraded Font awesome to version 4.7
  • Added support for Entity Translation module. Glazed Builder save function now does proper language negotiation based on entity translation configuration. (this is needed for translating bean blocks and other non-node entities)
  •  Fixed broken About Me layout template
  • Fixed thousands separator option in number counter element
  • Fixed issue with Well element having 2 well classes

Version 1.0.14

October 10, 2016

  • Added option for custom play button on video element
  • Fixed issues with carbide buttons disappearing below menus and container edges
  • Fixed bug with carousel pagination/navigation color settings
  • Made carousel dots navigation slightly smaller
  • Adjustment to button positioning to prevent buttons disappearing beyond edge of containers

Version 1.0.13

August 29, 2016

  • Removed gap below Google maps element
  • Made styling of links within carbide modals more obivous so people don't miss the "direct input" link for custom css classes.
  • Renamed Carbide link "direct input" to "switch to custom text input" 
  • Big update for Carousel element:
    • Enable / Disable dots navigation
    • Dots Orientation (inside / outside slides)
    • Dots Shapes (circle, square, triangle, bar)
    • Dots micro interaction animations
    • Dots Color
    • Active dot color
    • Enable / Disable Next Previous navigation
    • Next/Prev orientation (inside / outside slides)
    • Next/Prev shape (circle, square, bar)
    • Next/Prev icon color
    • Next/Prev icon hover color
    • Next/Prev background color
    • Next/Prev hover background color
    • Next/Prev icon stroke thickness
    • Next/Prev icon angle
    • Next/Prev navigation position
    • Enable/Disable stop on hover
    • Added custom owl carousel theme
  • Improved Views integration by adding Drupal.settings provisioning over Glazed Builder AJAX for some complicated views plugins (e.g. Glazed Portfolio filter views)
  • Fixed https problem with vimeo videos in carbide video element

Version 1.0.12

July 26, 2016

  • Updated progress bar element with configurable height and custom colors
  • Added Carousel element interval timing setting
  • Fixed custom color/background color and hover colors styling on icon elements

Version 1.0.10

May 12, 2016

  • Fixed issue with translation of strings in JS files
  • Update YouTube background video library
  • Fixed broken quote icon in testimonial slider
  • Fixed issue with Pixeden Stroke icons not loading in some elements
  • Fixed Fatal Error when web server does not have mutibyte libraries installed
  • Fixed issue with undefined index "id" in carbide_builder.module

Version 1.0.11

July 14, 2016

  • Added support for automatic updates via Drupal core update module
  • Added equal height columns option to row element
  • Added experimental setting for using Drupal text filters on Glazed Builder fields
  • Added better inline documentation to Glazed Builder module settings
  • Added 2 modules to carbide builder with drag and drop node type and block type
  • Fixed support for Drupal translation in some javascript files
  • Added function to auto-hide sidebar elements banner after 10 seconds
  • Added replacement token for carbide builder module path in content asset urls
  • Removed extra spacing below page title and main container in mobile view
  • Removed all base64 encoding on templates and other HTML areas for better template maintainability and database integrity.
  • Added more settings to Divider element for contextual divider design
  • Fixed syntax error with image attribute and media module integration
  • Fixed fatal error get_display, get_option when views display handler is not installed
  • Fixed problem with new views not showing in carbide builder
  • Fixed error mb_convert function when php multibyte handling is not installed
  • Fixed error underfined index 'id'
  • Fixed glazedPath error with Glazed Builder standalone use
  • Added flat design button to sidebar elements
  • Fixed issues with hanging menu on mobile
  • Fixed spacing in iconbox sidebar element
  • Refactored code that handles content-specific javascript. Fixed bug with old base urls hanging around content after moving to new server. Improved performance.
  • Added option button-block to button element
  • Fixed icon size attribute labels
  • Disabled modal window animations to prevent hanging window on double click

Version 1.0.10

May 12, 2016

  • Fixed issue with translation of strings in JS files
  • Update YouTube background video library
  • Fixed broken quote icon in testimonial slider
  • Fixed issue with Pixeden Stroke icons not loading in some elements
  • Fixed Fatal Error when web server does not have mutibyte libraries installed
  • Fixed issue with undefined index "id" in carbide_builder.module

Version 1.0.9

May 12, 2016

  • Made sidebar elements bar a bit wider
  • Removed text decoration from buttons when Carbide is used as standalone
  • Fixed glazedPath javascript errors from ac_drupal.js when using carbide without glazed
  • Differentiated 3d button style more from default button style
  • Added Flat button style
  • Improved user experience issues with Positioned Elements container
  • Brought inline parent/child control back to slides, toggle and tabs
  • Finetuned spacing in Icon Box sidebar elements

Version 1.0.8

April 22, 2016

  • Fixed left/right icons in Quote slider elements
  • Fixed bug with drupal views elements exposed filter form setting all checkboxes to 0 when updating views display
  • Fixed description of carbide bulder content and block types
  • Added some utility classes (including drop shadows)
  • Made utility classes extendable through both module hooks and theme .info files
  • Made sidebar elements area wider
  • Fixed permission issue with empty-page layout templates
  • Renamed separator element to Divider
  • Improved styling for exposed filter forms in Drupal views elements
  • Fix issues with Views element exposed filter "all" token
  • Fixed bug with empty views becoming unclickable
  • Improved styling for bootstral-native slider
  • Renamed accordion element to collapsible
  • Fix errors with Window.Drupal.settings.glazed is undefined in standalone module usage
  • SEO feature: changed image carousel to use image tags instead of background images
  • SEO feature: alt/title fields for image and image carousel elements
  • Improved styling o media library integration for image selection
  • Added 'float' animation
  • Reduced site of animate.css library by 50% by removing animations that have no use in websites
  • Performance optimization for asset-loading JS

Version 1.0.7

March 29, 2016

  • Hotfix for missing icons in Team Box sidebar element. (restored missing link to Font Awesome icons.

Version 1.0.6

March 25, 2016

  • Updated brand-colors for social icons to include latest FontAwesome icons
  • Optimized social icons css
  • Migrated elements sass from Sass/Compass to Grunt/Sass/Autoprefixer
  • Fixed social icons element settings
  • Added security warning for giving roles the Glazed Builder permission
  • Working on new separator element
  • Fixed (no) scrolling bug with Glazed Builder element settings modal window

Version 1.0.5

Feb 17, 2016

  • Optimize minified css/js
  • Fix issues with ensted az-*able classes in icon boxes (Sidebar element)

Version 1.0.4

Feb 6, 2016

  • Update libraries
  • Fix styling of new empty-page text
  • Fix error when view code is missing (deleted) but not uninstalled

Version 1.0.3

Feb 4, 2016

  • Fix bug with new page templates feature and inline editing

Version 1.0.2

Feb 2, 2016

  • Fix bug with invisible images
  • Add category database field for page templates so that in the future we can split up the templates visually.
  • New Feature: Page Templates. Graphical interface for starting empty page with layout template.
  • Change border radius default unit from % to px
  • Carbide builder sidebar and modal settings style update
  • Carbide builder controls styling update
  • Previous versions of Waypoints included an option, triggerOnce, which would destroy a waypoint after the handler was triggered the first time. That option has been removed in favor of manually calling .destroy() at the end of the handler.
  • Add capability for Glazed Builder view loader to request CSS and JS assets from views
  • Add Drupal.attachBehaviors after AJAX loading Drupal block and views
  • Improve visibility empty container
  • Fixed problems with button stylign in some themes (removed type=button from button HTML)
  • Refactored inline editing to load editor on clicking text.
  • Added new option 'direction' to Tabs, to extend bootstrap tabs with side-tabs
  • Added setting to Views element: Toggle Fields
  • Adding settings to Glazed Builder Views elements: Contextual filter, show/hide view title, override pages
  • Improved modal window typography
  • Removed all views-blocks from Blocks pane (the views should be available only in the Views panel)
  • Added Glazed Builder help button and popover
  • Fixed video element https bug
  • Fixed color picker bug (needed 2 clicks to pick color)
  • Replaced all single checkboxes with bootstrap-switch 
  • Improved bootstrap-slider controls styling
  • Removed bootstrap-sass dependency from .scss
  • Replaced all radios and some dropdowns with Glazed-style check-mark radios 
  • Restyled animation tab
  • Re-organized styles tab
  • Add palceholder image option to Video element

Version 1.0.1

Jan 11, 2016

  • Install Grunt for compiling and minifying carbide_builder
  • Style tab layout fixes
  • Carbide builder modal window visual makeover
  • Replace bootstrap prefixed with carbide_bootstrap (normal bootstrap)
  • Add branding to sidebar
  • Disable inline parent control in same row for all elements except columns
  • Initiate rows elements with 1/2 1/2 layout
  • UX improvements to row element
  • Refactor price listing to be separate from pricing tables css
  • Adding icon-helpers css to teambox sidebar elements
  • Fix image price listing
  • Add theme colors palette to CKEditor
  • Extending CKEditor settings for builder textediting
  • Adding headding to default text in Text Element
  • Added bootstrap responsive 16:9 embed integration to video element
  • Fixed bug with setting width and height to az-video element (maintaining aspect ratio)
  • Added Google Maps element
  • Update pricing table css
  • Improve Glazed button hover styles
  • Fixed bug with circle counters in cloned containers
  • Added filter to Blocks and Views tabs
  • Add more button styles
  • Fix bug that doesn't allow unselecting image styles. Adding option 'Original image' to image styles.
  • set AutoParagraph = false in all CKEditor instances to fix bugs with inline editing for simple text fields
  • Update CKEditor toolbar buttons
  • Add support for bootstrap text/button styles in Carbide CKEditor instances
  • Fixed bugs with existing content and inline editing feature
  • Improving icons for backend controls
  • Icons for backend controls 40px -> 42px for crisper icons 
  • Fix for hidden controls on empty page
  • Split CMS elements into 2 tabs: Views and Blocks
  • When using Glazed theme on site, add Glazed color module colors to Glazed Builder color palette's as default options
  • Add 'offset' option to Animate on Appear feature
  • Added inline editing feature with CKEditor
  • Remove Popup element (poor user experience)
  • Replaced TinyMCE with CKEditor
  • Adding Sass support to all css
  • Remove linkit integration
  • Removed grid element with jQuery Masonry
  • Fixing youtube video background
  • Removed option 'animate by letter' and Textillate plugin
  • Code refactoring
  • OWL carousel styling update
  • Removed az_gallery element with flexslider, nivoslider
  • Update libraries
  • Remove features/libraries Pictstrips, Smoothscroll, Countup, HTML2Canvas, FileManager, FileSaver, AdiPoli, Impress.js, jParallax, ScrollMagic, ScrollTo (and onepage menu features), JSTree, jQuery CountDown, PrettyPhoto
  • Coding standards
  • Add branding to interface
  • Meaningful notification on save
  • Improve help texts
  • Replace file_get_content(url) with drupal_http_request so that it works everywhere even with PHP 'allow_url_fopen = Off'
  • Fix compatibility with media module 2.x (beta1)

Version 1.0

Nov 12, 2015

  • Initial release