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Proudly bringing beautiful design, creative direction, and site building tools to the Drupal community.

In 2007 SooperThemes started as a website for free Drupal themes at alldrupalthemes.com. Founded out of enthusiasm for Drupal and it's community, SooperThemes was a hub for free Drupal themes and tutorials.

When we started selling premium Drupal themes in 2008 there was only one other Drupal themes shop on the market. Currently we are the oldest Drupal themes shop that is still active.

At SooperThemes we strongy believe in the Drupal open source model. Read more about some of our community contributions in the Glazed theme community case study.

About Me

Jurriaan Roelofs


I currently do all design, coding, and marketing.

I studied Economics & Business Economics and got my master in marketing at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. For my bachelor and master thesis and after my studies I focused on researching the application of machine learning in website and ecommerce optimization.

I started out with WP and Mambo. After I discovered Drupal and its code architecture and site building tools I never looked back.

Besides having always worked on SooperThemes I've also designed, built and maintained several large research infrastructures. Currently I focus only on SooperThemes.