20 Credibility-Enhancing Tips for Drupal Sites

Posted on Nov 2, 2015

Having credibility is very important to your website or blog. Here’s 20 ways that you can establish credibility with your audience.

1. Have a Professional Website Design

One of the first thing you can do is have a website that looks professional. There are far too many sites that look sloppy and this causes your visitors to click away quickly. It’s estimated that 75-94% of people will make judgements based upon the first glance at a site. 

2. Avoid a Broken Site

You need a Drupal site that is functional. You can’t have broken links or missing images as this isn’t professional. You need to test the functionality so everything fires on all cylinders. Make sure the site loads quickly and people can find what they need right away. 

3. Make it snappy

Having a slow site is bad but having a site that performs average is not...

Glazed Theme 2.3.1! Free Giveaway, Canvas Demo, New Pages and Faster Installation

Posted on Oct 15, 2015

When SooperThemes launched the Glazed drag and drop theme in June this year it quickly became the most talked about Drupal theme in our 8 years of history. Community support for our premium drupal themes even resulted in my case study being featured on the Drupal.org homepage.  Now in version 2.3.1 there is a ton of new stuff and I worked out some of the kinks that a minority of customers on windows machines and $2 hosting were experiencing during installation.

After designing and developing the new Canvas sub-theme, I worked tirelessly for 9 days on improving the installation experience. What I initially planned as a 2 day excursion into the installation performance issues, turned into a long grind of testing, profiling and refactoring. The result...

Module Spotlight #3: Yoast Drupal SEO

Posted on Oct 1, 2015

Yoast Drupal SEO Module: Tested and Reviewed

Yoast SEO is a household name in the WordPress community and as a premium drupal themes shop owner I was jealous of their favorite tool. Yoast SEO gained popularity because it didn't just make SEO finetuning possible in WP, it made it fun.  Important onpage SEO factors are pulled together in a container below the texteditor. Yoast SEO gives you feedback on basic metrics like keyword density and post length, but also more advanced feedback... It will tell you if you remembered to use your keywords in the meta description, and if the length of your page title is optimal for a nice click-through-rate in search results pages.

Yoast Drupal


5 Unique New Glazed Designs and more

Posted on Sep 18, 2015

This month we added a whole bunch of new designs and features to Glazed theme. These updates are all part of the new 2.3 branch of the Glazed theme. 2.3 Introduced a new theme settings interface and more layout and color options. Continuing the advancement of Glazed as a premium theme platform we added more header options and some incredible portfolio views to support a wider set of design patterns. On top of that we added a number of attractive blog layouts, and an integration with the Service Links module for easy management of social links in and around your blog posts.

Click the images below to take a closer look.

8 Common Customer Service Complaints All Drupal Developers Will Deal With

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

Every Drupal developer heard stories of 'clients from hell' and collaborations that turned into nightmares. And, it’s true… you’re going to come across some extremely difficult clients. No matter you do, no matter how hard you work…you’re going to have problems with them. 

Remind yourself: “I am not alone!”

All businesses – no matter what kind of company it is......

Module Spotlight #2: Environment Indicator

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

Configuration > System > Backup and Migrate > Restore database..... Did I just load my database export on the live website? oops

If the stress of pressing the wrong button on a live website is familiar to you, you need the Environment Indicator module! On large Drupal projects you will ......

Module Spotlight #1: Smart Trim

Posted on Aug 5, 2015

Node teasers simply work right? Wrong...

Node teasers are broken and most developers don't even know it, meaning it can be a pain for content creators. If you're building large websites that constantly pump out content, then read on to learn how we fix Drupal's teasers with one simple module...